Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damn it!

I'm really pissed at the moment for several reasons.

1) My son was not sleeping as I thought. No, he was having a poo. Then climbed up on the changing table to take care of it himself again and instead go poo all over the blinds, himself, and several other things. I took one look at the mess and quickly walked to the kitchen sink to puke. I think I got it all, but it's dusk in there and his light isn't working so will have to check again in the morning. I was not amused by any stretch of the imagination. He better get over this phase pretty darn fast or I am going to duct tape his diapers to him like a commenter suggested. I have heard this is more of a boy thing related to potty training and it well may be. But, I'm so over it. Now, I just need to convince him to get over it and to either poo in the toilet or leave it in the diaper and call to me to clean it.

2) I am so tired, but rallied to write up a post about my OB appointment today and was almost done. I checked to make sure it was saved before dealing with my poo boy, but came back to the computer sideways on the floor and the post gone. I'm too tired to redo it now. The highlights are babies seem fine, cervix hadn't changed and my OB said, not really a huge concern unless it starts to get below 2.5 (and my measured 4 today via abdominal u/s and have been 3.7 vaginally with the peri), my blood pressure was slightly up but OB said still really good, I lost a pound since last month, I'm to go for a 1 hour glucose tolerance test tomorrow and we will retest again later in the pregnancy. More later after I get some rest.

3) I'm sleeping like crap and have developed this cough/respiratory thing which is a pain in and of itself, but even more so because of this urinary inconstance thing I have going on with this pregnancy. Even if I have just sat down and emptied my bladder, I'm still getting leaks. And, every time I lay down to rest/sleep I start coughing and have to sit up (and hope it doesn't lead to another puke episode).

I'm just not amused with any of it. As I told Max, "I'm tired. I'm crabby. And, I don't like it. At all!".


Anonymous said...

Ugh.. sounds like a yucky day. Have you tried putting his diaper on backwards. I've heard that can be helpful sometimes. I feel for ya!


QuiltingChaos said...

OMG, Deb! I don't blame you for being "over it." I hope he loses this phase and quick.

Katrina said...

I am up way too late catching up on posts. ELiana has been taking her diaper off a lot lately too...thankfulyl she is jsut peeing everywhere instead of the poops..but then again, she is so constipated that they are so few and far between.

Also wanted to sympathize with the incontinence thing. I didnt have any of this problem with Eliana, but boy do I now! Totally sucks. I have found that Poise pads are my best friends these days.