Saturday, April 19, 2008

A funny

In what should have been a "coaching" opportunity for Max, if I could have stopped laughing......

Yesterday was my mom's 65th Birthday. Her sister is in town visiting her. And, my sister from NJ is in town with her three (4th grade, 2nd grade, 1st grade). So, the house was full and we were just sitting around hanging out, talking, letting the kids play.

I was getting in some horizontal time on the couch, with my sister sitting at my feet at the end of the couch and a few kids were in front of us playing on the computer that was on the coffee table.

My mom, who is sitting across the room, asked Max was in his mouth. I couldn't really see him and wasn't worried about it, but she was, so she called him over and had him hand it to her. Being a mostly obedient fellow, he complied. She asked him what it was. He responded " A bugger". (sp? in snot:)

Oh, if you could have seen her face.... We all just fell out laughing. My sister and I laughed about it all evening. So. probably not really funny, unless you were here. But boy did we laugh.

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Anonymous said...

LOL well.. she asked! :P Too funny! I gotta tell you though... as the mother of one boy (and soon to be two) it is required that you know how to spell all the gross body stuff... it's BOOGER! :)