Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thoughts for an early Saturday morning

Random thoughts for an early Saturday morning.....

It's 5:30 am and Max is still sleeping. This is a good thing. Better yet, he did not wake once during the night.

We are meeting some friends today at Poppy Park to see the California Poppies in bloom. I'm really looking forward to it, but as I've just peed 3 times in 30 minutes a tad worried about the potty facilities getting there, during the visit, and getting home. I can literally pee all the time and that just isn't going to be possible or feasible. I'll probably cut down some on my fluid intake but seeing as it is going to be warm and we are going into dessert country probably not the best solution. Sigh. It will all work out somehow.

The fleeting thought of "I hate you" briefly ran across my mind in regards to my son last night. I immediately reneged it, but alas it was out there. I had put him to bed and had thought he was asleep (because the monitor was quiet, but I didn't know that not only had his nanny unplugged the monitor in his room when vacuuming, she also turned down...not off...the volume on the receiver in my bathroom that signals the main monitor was off...but, I didn't realize this at the time). Anyway, Max comes out half naked and tells me he had a poo. Great! So, I go to his room and yes, poo everywhere. Again. We have been working on how this is not okay and it hasn't happened in awhile. My stomach was already feeling off, but this tilted the scale and I went to the kitchen sink to puke. As I was puking, Max was rubbing his poo bottom up against my legs and laughing. LAUGHING. He knew exactly what he was doing and that I wouldn't like it. It was then that I had that evil thought. I reminded myself that he's only 2 and to not get sucked into the game. Then, I reminded myself to separate the person from the behavior and told him I loved him, but really didn't like this behavior at all. AT ALL!

I'm still barfing on occasion. Maybe once a week or several times a month. If you don't count when I brush my teeth, which is still a trigger and causes barfing not quite, but almost 100% of the time. Last night, after Max was bathed, the poo mess cleaned, and actually asleep, I had another puke fest such to remind me of how awful the first trimester was. As an added joy, not only was I hurling my guts up, even though I had JUST finished pee'ing and was getting ready to take a steam bath to clear the sinus passages so was naked, I had the pleasure of having pee drip down my legs from urinary inconsistence.

On that pleasant note, I just saw the living room light go on, but no little pitter patter of feet to coming to tell me good morning so I had better close and check on things.

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Laura in L.A. said...

Oh, Debbie, I am so sorry! Few things are more difficult than being in the later stages of a twin pregnancy and having to deal with toddler antics at the same time! I am going to pray that our boy begins to see the error of his ways and doesn't subject you to any more torment.

Love, Laura