Sunday, April 06, 2008

One order of patience, super sized, please

It was just one of those days. One thing after another. You're cleaning up one mess and an even bigger one is created. Sigh.

Max came in my room chipper as all get out at 3 am sans diaper or PJ bottoms saying "Good Morning! Good Morning!" with a big smile on his face. I let him cuddle for a few minutes as I explained it was too early and he needed to go back to bed. Some milk, a new diaper, and PJ's and he actually did fall back to sleep. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd be asking for more than just one order in the patience department.

On the way to church Max told me he didn't want to go to Sunday school today. He wanted to go into the Church so he could be loud and talk and dance and he wasn't going to be quiet. Thank God there was Sunday school. Although, he did insist we go into "cry room" so he could get his loud and talking and dance on after service.

After about 10 minutes into nap time, Max got quiet so I thought maybe against my expectations he had actually fallen asleep. I thought about checking, but didn't quite get there. About 45 minutes later he comes out, again, sans diaper or pants. Turns out he had a poo. It was sitting on top of his changing table all rolled up like Noemi or I would do with it along with several hundred wipes where he cleaned up himself. Or, at least tried. His bottom was actually pretty clean, but the pillow and the cover to the changing pad probably had more than any of the wipes.

And, things kind of just went down from there. I'm tired. I'm a tad crabby. Dinner isn't sitting too well in my tummy. The house is a complete wreck in spite of the picking and clean up after Mr. Disaster most of the day. And, I have an early start to the work day tomorrow. Yes, Max is already in bed and I still could use a bit of patience.

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Anonymous said...

Try duct tape around his waist. That should keep his diaper on.