Sunday, April 13, 2008

Progress indead!

When I had Max in the bath tonight, he wanted to get out quickly saying he had a poo poo and wanted to go do it on the grass. I grabbed him and put him on the toilet and then offered/he asked me to leave. He sat there for about a minute or two and said he was all done, but no poo. So, I told him if he wanted to go do it on the grass, that was fine. He didn't and we finished our bedtime routine. After I put him down, I grabbed some water (ignoring the complete wreck of a house/kitchen and decided to take a warm bath because I was really stuffy in the nose. This is very problematic for me pregnant because it increases my chance of barfing exponentially. If I'm stuffy or have drippy nose and bend over to get something off the ground, put something on the ground, or anything like that it is a guarantee I will barf. And, I just wasn't in the mood.

I just turned the water off started enjoying my bath, when I hear this call for "mommy" through the monitor. Crap! I debate whether to go check on him or not and decide if he calls out he has a poo poo, I'll go otherwise, I just check after my bath. Instead, he came to find me to tell me he had a poo. I made a big deal about how proud I was that he told me, got him cleaned up, and let him take a bath with me as a reward. Hey, got to give positive reinforcement on this type of thing. Since I was wet and naked and not so inclined to trapes across the house for a poo poo bag and toss the soiled diaper outside, nor was I in the mood to smell such scent while enjoying (much less so after Max joined, but hey worth it in the long run if I don't have to clean up poo mess in his room ever again) I called him over and let him watch me toss it in the toilet and let him flush...again telling him how proud I was of him for telling me. When we were in the bath, I made a point of telling him how much nicer it was for us to spend time this way than for me to be cleaning up a mess. Maybe this is not the ultimate cure, but sure a step in the right directions. I've orded a few more books last night from amazon, most of them poo related that I figured may help and wouldn't hurt.

In other news, I decided that there really is a God today. Max napped. A nice long one. After church we went over to a friends for brunch and a swim (they just moved into a new house with a heated pool) and...even though I shouldn't admit this...inquired whether drugging my child so that he would nap would be wrong. :) Ah, didn't even have to resort to that. Good thing. Cause if he had not sleep, this afternoon really, really would have been ugly on so many levels. Domestic crisis averted.

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