Thursday, April 17, 2008


My "roll over" day is Thursday's. As such, I am 21w0d today. One week closer to viability. I guess I should say 210d by my calculations and that of the IVF calculator I used based on ER/fertilization. My OB has me measuring about 4 days ahead of that based on some old archaic cardboard wheel of some sort. In a few short 3.5 hours my butt needs to be in my chair for an early work meeting and yet, here I am wide awake after this little boy came in an hour or so ago saying he needed a cuddle. A quick pee stop on our way back to his room, 5 minutes of cuddle, 1 small fit when I carried him back to his bed when he WANTED TO DO IT HIMSELF...reverse...let him...and his back asleep. Ah, wish it were so easy for me. No worries, I'll just be tired tomorrow, but truly that is nothing new. It really doesn't seem to matter how much or little sleep I get, I'm just tired. Functioning, doing what I need to get the basics done and sometimes a bit more, but often not much, but tired. And, I tell myself just to get used to it cause it's likely not going to get any better here on out for oh, maybe 3 - 5 years. Good thing that, in general, sleep isn't that important to me. Although, I do read those new stories out that indicate getting less sleep increases odds of being over weight and obisity with a morbid interest and wondering just what one can and should do to get more. Like so many things in life....if it were just that easy.

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