Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Poppies

We met up with some friends at Poppy Park today.

We took a route that was a lovely drive on a country road to and from the park. We saw lots of tractors, some sheep, a few cows, and lots of horses and even went over a bridge or two. All highlights for Max as well as the quick picnic we did before hitting the trail and spending time with some friends. I think he was more impressed with the fact that there were snakes in the flowers more than the flowers themselves, probably more so since we didn't actually see one.

The weather was perfect (mid 80's) and not too windy. It wasn't too crowded. Plenty of potties (yes, potties, not poppies :) that were reasonably clean. And, spectacular views. We did a 1.2 mile loop hike through the flora. Max was like the hare...running ahead during the first part and running out of steam and dragging towards the end. The funny of the day was towards the end of the walk when he kept telling me "Momma, I'm too big to walk. Carry me." The hardest part of the day was picking up the dead weight of my son who fell asleep on his bedroom floor and lifting him to bed. I'm no worse for the wear except for a little swollen, especially in the fingers.

I'm happy to report that while Max did have a poo diaper before falling asleep, even after I shouted at him to GET BACK TO YOU ROOM (since it was something like his 3rd time out) he told me he had a poops and the diaper was still on him and there was no huge mess to clean up and disinfect.

Max spent plenty of time in the dirt while at poppy park and we both headed straight for the shower/tub when we got home. I think our feet may be stained a bit brown since multiple washings with the soap didn't quite take away our shoe strap marks. A wonderful time was had by all and a good day to be gone...the outside temperature was reading 99 degrees as we were exiting the freeway to come home at around 5 pm so it seems it was a scorcher at home.


Care said...

Gorgeous! I would love to see the poppies in bloom some day. Max is so cute - love how his outfit was color coordinated with the poppies too.

On the poop thing - I've btdt - two of my three were "poop painters." I finally reached the point that I would throw them in the shower - because for some reason they both hated the shower, and I would try to make them "help" with the clean up (although that never went as well as I hoped.) I don't know if the hated showers or cleanup detail helped, but eventually the phase did end. Hope Max gets beyond this soon.

calliope said...

those are stunning photos!