Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What do you see when you look at this picture? Note: This is not a trick question.

Me, I see a giraffe. Max, he sees a train track. :) He saw the train track right off as we enter the zoo and was more interested in find it, then any animal we saw or didn't see. After he spotted the train depot, forget it. He spent the rest of the time ensure he was going to get to ride it. We weren't even finished with the ride when he started trying to talk me into another one.

Max climbing on one of the trains at Travel Town.

At the beach which is in walking distance to the zoo. Look at that long wild hair. I need to get him in soon to get it cut, but just haven't had the time and don't want to send him with Noemi because I didn't like the way it was cut when she took him, he's been screaming his head off ever sense that time, and I want to try to find a new place like maybe a cheap Barber Shop if they will take a kid so little that is an unwilling participant.
Another beach shot. Notice the scrapes on his cheek and right eye from a face plant at the zoo.

Isn't Max getting so big and grown up looking?


Laura in L.A. said...

Ha! When I looked at the top picture, my first thought was, "They have giraffes at Travel Town?!?! I must have missed that on our last visit!" :):)

That's our clever boy Max; spotting all things train-related wherever he goes! So cute.

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Max is truly adorable. His curly hair is great, very cute, and its not too long at all! nancy in ak

calliope said...

what cute photos! He is a beautiful boy.

And I totally studied that first photo like there would be a pop quiz!