Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly "C"'s Canceled -----> Looking Good!

My weekly cervix check has been canceled until further notice. Peri says all is looking well, no major changes over the last few weeks and at this far along, he thinks they will not. And, this after a very busy weekend including a trip to Travel Town, The Santa Barbara Zoo, The Beach, a meal out, and a family BBQ. More activity and away vertical time than I've had in awhile. So, if bad things were going to happen due to too much activity (which actually has not been proven as a cause of incompetent cervix and all of my big bleeds have happened when I was horizontal), it would have been after all this. What a relief! Good thing I wasn't too worried, but worried enough to get loose plans in place "just in case".

Today was also a "growth" check on the twins and he followed up on the items he couldn't clearly see from a few weeks ago. All looks good. Both babies measuring 21w6d and I'm 21w4d by my calculations. They are both breech...little buggers...are they trying to tell me they would rather not go through the birth canal? [My OB will do a C-section unless they are both head first at the time of delivery] There cords are central...which sounds like a good thing. The girls placenta is posterior and the boys anterior ...if I'm remembering that correctly...and not sure what that means, but don't think it is either good or bad, but just is. Basically, all looks good.

Lest one think that I shall not be getting sufficient monitoring. Sounds like I will still be seeing the peri every 3 weeks for a baby growth check. And, at my next OB visit, I'll start seeing her every two weeks and will get an u/s then for a quick heartbeat check.


Laura in L.A. said...

SUPER-DUPER YYYAAAAAAAYYYYY, Deb!!! I am extremely relieved to hear that your cervix is behaving!

Now just convince those naughty babies to turn head-down when the time is right!

Love, Laura

QuiltingChaos said...

Great news!!!!

Here's hoping those babies flip!