Thursday, April 10, 2008


Now that I'm fortified with about 90 minutes of sleep and a late night snack, I should be fortified enough to re-write my post...but, I'm not feeling the inspiration at the moment and should probably try to get back to sleep so that my ass doesn't drag all day tomorrow like it has been.

Having mentioned that I was down a pound weight wise since last months OB appointment, I figured I would share that I feel like I never stop eating. And, my tummy is getting bigger so I'm I'm just reshaping, My OB and her office manager laughed at me as I walked down the hall to go deposit my pee sample because I've already started the pregnancy waddle and I showed them how I was almost out of tummy room in the shorts that got me through the end of my pregnancy with Max (and I'm only 20 weeks).

What was my late night snack you ask? Since I stopped for groceries on the way home from the OB because there was basically nothing left in the house to eat. Yes, there was still some milk and some frozen goods, but that was about it. Anyway, since I just had done a big shop and there was food, it had some good eats. I started with a yogurt (which oddly enough I usually don't particularly care for, but it looked and sounded really good at the store today). Decided I was still hungry so cut up and ate half a cantaloupe. Then, a stick of jack cheese. Still feeling the need for more, I moved on to three small sweet pickles with a side of sharp cheddar. I think another bottle of water and I might be good for at least a few hours.

Maybe I'll be able to settle down and get back to sleep soon. Why am I awake you ask? Because Shadow was really struggling tonight. I'm a light enough sleeper that she just has to breath heavy and I wake up, which is usually what she does when she has to go out to go potty. However, tonight, it's like she has a pinched nerve or something at the base of her spine or her hips aren't following the commands of her mind. I helped her out and back in and she's now sleeping peacefully at the moment. I hope she's better in the morning or at least able to coordinate her limbs a bit.


Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant with my twins, I ate so much it was ridiculous. I just felt starving all the time. It was a hunger that is hard to describe. I craved protein and dairy products. For breakfast, I would have cereal or something light but then I would also need to have a huge egg and cheese sandwich with bacon. I ate frozen cheeseburgers all the time. They were quick to prepare and had 25 grams of protein, which I knew would last me a few hours. A yogurt with just 5 grams of protein couldn't sustain me nearly as long. Towards the end of the pregnancy, I had to get up in the middle of the night to eat unless I had a big protein shake or meal just before bedtime. I actually got tired of eating and I usually love to eat! nancy in ak

Laura in L.A. said...

Debbie, I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope that Shadow is feeling better too this morning. It is so hard to deal with all the issues of our older but much-loved dogs!

Love, Laura :)