Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just because...

Just because I'd rather be safe than sorry, even though I was almost positive things were fine and because I wondered whether I should or shouldn't I figured I had better....cause if I didn't and something bad happened I'd regret it.....I called and went in to the OB's today. Tuesday, I started passing that clot. Not a lot, just little pieces here and there were on the tissue or on the bottom of the toilet after using the bathroom. I'm sure it is because of this nasty cough I have that just presses down on everything forcing it out. On Tuesday, I decided to see how things went on Wednesday. I only had a very little bit more of the clot (really old, gooey, brown, old blood), but started cramping last night. So, I took some Tylenol PM more to dry me up to minimize the coughing so I could hopefully get some sleep last night than the cramping itself. However, didn't do this before chugging a few bottles of water and laying down for an hour or two to see if it went away, which it didn't. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and realized the cramping was back. It was gone by the time I got up, but came back after I had been up a bit. So, I called and they had me come in. Everything looked fine. The tech only did a abdominal measure of the cervix, not a vaginal and I've found that the abdominal tends to report the cervix a bit longer than the vaginal. But the OB (not mine, but a new one just added to the practice who seemed experienced and competent), did a manual cervix check and deemed me closed. So, I'm not going to worry about it (as much as possible) since really there is nothing to be done anyway. The tech made a point of commenting there were nice amniotic fluid sacks around both babies, which was a slight concern of mine with dehydration related to this cold/cough thing I have going on. Only one baby was breech today. Good heart beats. Presumably, all is well...just as I suspected. However, glad I went cause I'd rather be safe than sorry. The only kind of odd thing about the whole visit was when the OB made some comment about how I had to have delivered vaginally last time because things sure were stretched out in there. Hmmm. I'm going to let that one pass because I'm sure she didn't mean it as a criticism even if sort of felt like one and because it really is what it is and given the choice I'm really hoping I can stretch it out some more with another vaginal delivery (many, many months from now when things are nice and safe for the tots and they are big and healthy, of course:).

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