Saturday, April 12, 2008


We were out for most of the day and it was a hot one. My exterior car temperature reading showed 108 when we got in it to come home and the seat was too hot for me to sit. So, I stripped Max to his diaper before I strapped him in and when we got home asked him to take off his pee pee diaper and throw it out. Oddly, he wasn't so keen on this which was a surprise since he goes au natural pretty much every chance he gets and he told me he was going to go into his house to do it (which is in th back yard). I was tired and needed to rest so I said, great, and kept on doing what I was doing which was laying on the couch doing nothing. I had a passing thought wondering if he had to poo, but discounted it because I can't even remember the last time he poo'd when it wasn't in his room during nap time or before bedtime. After a bit, he came in and threw his diaper on the floor and went back outside. He came back in a bit later and said he he had poo'd outside. Sure enough, he had, right on the grass like the doggies.

Progress? Others may not think so, but actually, I was thrilled because it was done outside of his room (although still in private) and it was not smeared anywhere or a huge disgusting mess for me to clean up. He had the doggie pooper scooper right there for me, I scooped it up and tossed it right out with no fuss or no muss. Hey, if he's not going to leave his poo diaper on to be changed or go in a toilet, I guess I am fine with this for now.

In other news, I think I may have felt the babies move the last few evenings. Okay, so it really felt more like a soccer match or some type of brawl than mere movement. I could be wrong since I don't have a lot of sensitivity in feeling baby movement and rarely felt Max even though u/s showed him active as all get out (and I'm really not great at feeling contractions either and didn't feel much in that regard until I was almost 7 cm dilated in the hospital and then it was painful enough that I getting an epidural was high on my list.)

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