Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random, mostly Max, thoughts

Yesterday, Noemi told me that Max told her that "momma is both my mommy and my daddy". I didn't quite get the context it came up in, but something like "X is so and so's daddy; Y is so and so's mommy. Mommy is both my mommy and my daddy". Hmmm. He and I really haven't talked about the daddy situation. I have explained, simply, that we are a mommy and kid family and that Dr. N helped mommy to get pregnant and Dr. P helped to delivery him. I do acknowledge other people's dads to him, don't skip over daddy situations in books or movies. But, he hasn't asked and I have just let it lie until he did. I guess he hasn't asked because he has figured out something in his own mind on this all by himself. It would be interesting to really know that he thought. I'm sure I'm not going to get off so easy in the long haul, but at least for now he's come to a conclusion he can accept.

We converted Max's crib back to a toddler bed today. He and I have been talking about it for a few days now and he said he wanted me to and I would counter that we would give it a try, but that he had to stay in his bed and not get out at bedtime. He did a good job of that tonight. I heard him quickly open and close his bedroom door and run back to his bed. It's been 20 minutes so I think I'm good. I'm sure it helped that he caught my cold and didn't nap again today. What a difference 7 months make when we last attempted this.

Instead of napping, Max poo'd in his crib today. However, he was very careful about making sure the poo stayed in the diaper which was nice. Then, he climbed out of the crib and onto the changing table, which is where Noemi found him when she went to check on him.

I often think that OT must be working, but that life was so much easier when Max had difficulty taking off his pants/diaper and wasn't so confident in his climbing.

Max has been totally playing Noemi to get his way lately. It really could be a post in itself and I mentally wrote it, but alas, never got it to print. He's done things like take black marker to his train track and train table, cry for candy in the checkout and get his way, and other such shenanigans that are just not an issue with me cause he knows it isn't going to work no matter how much he cries so he doesn't bother. It's not that I'm a strict disciplinarian by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I've been asked more times than I care questions like "who runs this house" or "the show" or whatever. The thing is, I decided early on that I didn't want to or plan to do battle all the and decided what I cared about and what I didn't. Personal safety, caring/compassion to others (i.e. no hitting me or the pets, being nice to friends), and destruction of property were tops on the list and I'm consistent pretty much 100% of the time. So, I've had to talk to Noemi and remind her she is the boss when I'm not around, in front of Max, and it has gotten far as I know.

Yesterday afternoon, I'm working and hear Max and Noemi go out back to play. A bit later, I see her look out into the front yard. My first thought was, she doesn't know where he is. So, I go check and sure enough. She goes to check inside although I told her he wasn't in there and I find Max all the way down the block and around the corner. Some neighbor boys saw him and were bringing him back. Of course, he was only in a shirt, nice and bare bottomed with his penis exposed on this adventure which really isn't all that unusual around here since that is his preferred method of dress and he can just take it off whenever he wants. Apparently, he was riding his bike and rode it into the courtyard, out the front gate and down the road. I'm not sure what Noemi was doing. I think probably waiting for him to come back into the back yard and only went looking after he didn't come back after a bit. All's well that ends well, but I wasn't happy. Mostly, because I had just told her that she needed to watch for that and to keep the front gate chained to prevent such escape.

Shadow somehow hurt her right arm. She's up and moving, but limping quite a bit. I didn't have Noemi walk her today like she normally would, but took her out front a few houses which made her so happy.

I started pulling out my old maternity clothes. I guess I should have done it earlier. They barley fit and are so uncomfortable. I don't feel like I am yet as big as I was at the end with Max, but the clothes tell me otherwise. Also, I think maybe my stomach is just shaped different. I had a pair of shorts on today that had the belly panel and it actually had some space left, but the bottom of the shorts below the panel where just digging into my belly and almost hurt. Baby A (the boy) is taking up the lower half and Baby A (the girl) is taking up the top half and I guess I'm just bigger. I guess I should go shopping at least internet since i don't think I could stand otherwise, but...just haven't gotten there. I'm going to be in a world of hurt for clothes soon.

Dinner gave me heartburn. I can't sleep on my right side because my arm, hand, and wrist go numb. My left hip is hurting from the pressure of my weight all night. And, although I'm trying not to be, I'm worried about the shortened cervix thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb... I just bought some stuff from JC Penney's outlet/closeout or whatever they call it. Really reasonable... like $6-13 a shirt! You might want to check them out! :)

Kim (from net54)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, with my twin pregnancy, I did not dress well at all. I was out of my old maternity clothes by 7 months along and I did not want to spend the money on nice maternity clothes. So, I bought very, very, very large men's shirts at Wal Mart plus just a couple of maternity pants and I wore the same few things over and over again. Nancy in AK