Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Week 8

Precious N

Still in the hospital, on the vent. Maybe will be moved to high flow by tomorrow. Have more to day about Ms. N, but too tired to get into details tonight.

Mom and the Boys

Little R's First Bath
Okay, I shouldn't post this probably, but it just does make me laugh so. He only cried for a minute. :) Really. And, mean momma, tired and in a rush just dumping water on him.

See how content he looks . Yes, this is still in the bath.

Snuggled up after the bath. Of course, the first thing I see are all the wrinkles. I thought kids were supposed to keep you young?
All cuddled into the co-sleeper. Hopefully, a nice bath and lots of momma's milk (sadly, from the bottle instead of direct source) and we will get a bit more sleep tonight.


Joalni said...

They are both looking really well. I can see why Nora wouldn't be keen on her "moustache" - poor love - hope she continues to improve and gets some of that high tech stuff away!

Love the bath scream photo :)!

Take care.



Babykins said...

I probably should introduce myself a bit. Bin bit of a lurker from the single Mom's forum. I remeber the NICU all too well and its so hard on everyone. Just wanted to say what an awsome job your doing and gorgeous children you have. Oh the Bath pic is priceless.

Jen said...

They look wonderful! I can't wait to see the picture with all 4 of you together :) *HUG*

Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, you are in your element! LOVE all the pictures--especially Ray "out-Ray-ged" in the tub! :):)

Praying that N is released soon, happy and healthy.

Love, Laura

Katrina said...

LOL, you are the queen of multi-tasking. I just realized in the picture of you, Max and Ray that you are pumping at the same time! LOL.