Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life - Edited

Little R is adjusting to home quite well. Thank goodness he sleeps so much or I'd really be in trouble. I need to buy a room a/c. I have him in a co-sleeper in my room, which is the hottest room in the house. It is just too hot in here. He's maintaining his body temp fine, but still I'd feel better being able to swaddle him and bundle him a bit more.

Big M's Party went really well. It was a great group of people. Not too big. Not too small. M was so proud to show off his brother. I'm going to really need to watch him for a bit because he wants to hold, hug, and kiss his brother but doesn't quite get how small he is and that he could inadvertently hurt him.

My precious N. I hope I am wrong, but I think she is sick again. I went to the hospital after the party and she just seemed off. Her heart rate was high, too many brady's, she didn't want to be touched, her body temp was a tad elevated. I told the nurse who told the doc who came by to look at her and ordered a bunch of tests. I'd really love to be wrong on this.

ETA: Per precious N's night nurse, she roused for both the 9 pm and midnight feedings (she didn't for either the 3 pm or 6 pm when I was there) and nippled well at 9 pm. Her labs looked fine, but the doc re-ordered for the morning. They put her back on nasal prongs/oxygen support (which they were doing when I left, but forgot to mention before) and she seems to have calmed and her heart rate is more normal. I'm hoping that's just what the issue was (or my mere presence was stressing her out -- NOT :). And, my cousin continued to watch Little R when I got home so I pumped and slept for a few hours. Very nice and I needed it. Plus, since she was up, CC (who doesn't like to fall asleep by herself) climbed in bed with Big M and when I went to check on him, he had his hand on her shoulder (so darn cute) and it looks like he probably woke, saw her there and went back to sleep. All seems to be well with my 3 at the moment so it's back to bed for me again until Little R's next feeding.

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