Monday, August 25, 2008

That's what I get

Just talked to the night nurse who is a perfectly capable woman, but not one of my favorites. She's a bit cold and standoffish IMHO. Plus, you don't get a wealth of information from her when you do call in. Mostly, you just get "she's fine. sleeping right now" as in bye see you later, don't bother me. Probably why she works nights so she doesn't have to deal so much with the families most of the time. She mentioned that Ms. N was going to be paired with THAT baby tomorrow instead of the one she has been thus getting a different day nurse than expected after I mentioned something (don't remember what even though it was just mere minutes ago) about the day nurse. See, that's what I get for talking about them. Sigh. I actually really like the nurse I'm getting as well, but just find it ironic that hours after just saying I was glad N hadn't been paired with can't follow simple hand washing procedures family, we are now paired with them. She also said that N had an explosive tummy rumblings and a big explosive poo right after starting to feed her breast milk last time and that she refused to drink it so she gave her the PE22 formula instead which she gobbled right down. And, she was going to "try it again" like she was going to be attempting to give her poison to "see how she does". Lovely. The nurses impressions carry so much weight with the docs. I've already been questioning why N hasn't been put back on enhanced breast milk full time (which in general she has been tolerating just fine) and instead is getting formula one feeding and enhanced breast milk the next. The explanation I was given was that she had a loose stool over a week ago and they just didn't want to make a change until they saw how things were going. Couldn't just be coincidental, eh? One loose stool in weeks? The heavy duty antibiotics she has been on? No, must be the breast milk which has been cultured to death but turns up good each and every time. Fine (typed with sarcasm). Not something I'm going to go to battle over. Once I get her home, I can feed N any damn thing I want. The thing is I told the nurse I thought I was getting back today that if N was seen by the doc before I got there that I was hoping to try breastfeeding her which I need an order of approval before doing so from the doc. I hope this doesn't delay or hinder an approval for that which it could. Oh well, it will be what it will be. N's scheduled to pick up a new doc for the next two weeks, we'll just see who she gets and how it all plays out. Again, once I get her home, I can do as I please until then I just need to bid my time and work within the establishment.

And, what's up with Mr. R who after having a terrific breast feeding session (thank you very much) with the same breastmilk Ms. N gets, who is wide awake and doesn't seem to care that mommy says it is the middle of the night, not daytime. Hey, not a huge problem cause he's not screaming or anything, just looking around, trying and succeeding in pulling off his oxygen, spitting up on his outfit and blanket requiring an outfit change, and refusing to stay swaddled, and getting a tad miffed when he spits out his paci and I don't quickly put it back in for him. But, it's all good.

Reportedly iffy breast milk has been pumped and I'm going to try to get us both back to sleep post haste. Too bad the Olympics is ending as it was a good middle of the night distraction when one must spend so much time up at odd hours every night.

ETA: A call back reviels that N tolerated the breast milk just fine at the last feed, but it was labeled as fresh (implying it made a difference). Never you mind that she has been getting fresh milk for days since I've been pumping there and the nurse has been mixing it up and I think the "other" milk she didn't tolerate was from the same "bad" batch. Okay, enough bithyness from me. Really, I'm going to try to get R and I back to sleep before Max decides it's "wake up time".


Laura in L.A. said...

Praying, praying, praying for our girl to come home!

Idiots who can't/won't follow sterile procedure in the NICU ENRAGE me! Tattle and document!

Love, Laura

Miss X said...

antibiotics make me sick. I can't imagine what they must do to a little baby.

Good luck with the breastfeeding! I'm sure your milk is much better than the formula.