Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a good thing

Haven't been a posting fiend because, well, I almost hate to say this, but things are going relatively fine right now and I don't have much to say or get off my chest. So, really, it's all good right now. Ms. N is doing fine. Almost up to full feeds. Still haven't gotten a pic or central line in her after 8 attempts. Not sure what is next for that, but basically she is stable, off all oxygen, loving her paci, and I have been able to hold her off and on depending on where her IV line is and how stable/secure it is. Mr. R had second ped apt. today and he's also doing great. Up 2 more oz from when the home nurse was here and weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz. Max is doing fine and ready for gym camp next week and preschool to start already. That pic of him the other day was him "smiling" or protesting smiling at his OT graduation/b-day party. City has only been locked in the garage once or twice in recent memory and it happens so often I go to look for him much faster than before. You'd think he'd learn. CC took the pic of him in her hat before she left and it just makes me laugh a bit. My sis is here until Sunday late and has been a bit help with bringing Mr. R home from ped apt so I could go straight to hospital, entertaining Max, making a delish dinner, and watching Mr. R for a few hours tonight after I put Max down so I could sleep. I was so tired I ached. Anyway, just wanted to say that silence is golden and a sign of good times.


calliope said...

SO glad things are going better. I think about you guys all the time. And those recent photos were wonderful!

Nina said...

I hope that finally (all of) you got a break. you soooo deserve it.