Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tid bits

It's been a long day with just a tad, and I mean tad, of sleep so just a few tids bits.

Ms. N seemed like she was doing fine and was much calmer today. She slept most of the time with just periods of stirring and "attitude", but nothing like yesterday. Mostly, I was just her paci holder.

Max slays me even as he can annoy me sometimes. I'll spare you the details (and can't remember most of them anyway as it is a blir), but only slept between 11:00 pm and 11:45 pm; 4 - 5 am; and 6 - 7 am. Max woke up at 5, then Mr. R woke, then I woke my cousin to see if she would deal with the kids so I could at least get another hour or two then locked my bedroom door and crashed. Max told his aunt (my cousin) he wanted to go see the sun rise so she would unlock the back door and let him out and then he came over to my room through the slider from the back yard. I'm going to have to watch that kid. Wants to watch the sun rise? Where does he get this stuff from?

Presumably Mr. R is fine. Reportedly, his is great. Haven't seen him really all day (but, he sure did have most of my night). As only a mom of a newborn can care, he finally had a few poo's after not for a few days. All seems to be well in his world and I think the weekend nanny is going to work fine. Also, she has been a night nurse to twins. If I have too many more nights like last, I'll be using her service for a bit. I can run on much less sleep than most, but even that was too little for me.

Speaking of sleep, my cousin is going to be on duty for a bit so I can crash out. So, over and out.

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