Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pissed Off

Ms. N was pissed off at the world today during most of my visit. She was fighting the tube and generally an unhappy camper. So hard to be there when you can't hold her or do much of anything to help her except annoy the nurse about how she's not happy about having her hands restricted and can't we free her up a bit while I'm there to watch and make sure she won't do damage like pull out the tube or the IV in her head and stuff like that such that the nurse goes and asks the doc if she could be intubated. The answer was yes, ASAP and it was done while my mom and I were there. She was still pissed, but now you could actually hear her raspy cries. She finally settled for a bit as I had to leave and slept most of the afternoon I'm told. Night nurse said she's been having a few quick fits on and off and you can tell her vocal cords are sore and swollen from the tube. As hard as it is to see her get so worked up and while I know nothing about neurological damage, her movements seemed pretty planned and coordinated to me and that she knows what she wants and is making it perfectly clear that she isn't happy with the current level of service. I guess she is in that grumpy healing enough to feel crappy phase.

Mr. R is doing fine. He hasn't gotten much of my days lately as Ms. N and Big M have been edging in, but we did get to spend the afternoon together just the two of us while everyone else went to a friends house to swim and for dinner.

I've been interviewing weekend nanny's and decided upon one today. She's a friend of Noemi's. They met in the park by my house when Max was a baby. Max knows her well and plays nicely with her middle daughter who is 10. She has worked for twins at least three times that I can remember off the top of my head without going back and looking at her letters of recommendation. And, she and Noemi recently went to a class on CPR and First Aid and got certified (which I didn't even know until Friday). I'm paying $5/hour more than I wanted, but her asking was in line with what everyone else is asking and it became clear I wouldn't get anyone period for what I wanted to pay. She drives, speaks English, and I really got a good feel about her. I'm testing her out tomorrow and giving myself a break and going to a friends birthday party with Max and everyone else except Mr. R. I'm looking forward to it even if it is spending money for a sitter that could be well used elsewhere.


Joalni said...

I too take it as a good sign that she is pissed off!

Sorry for her that she is of course, but it does show that she is aware of things, and is a fighter!

You go girl!!



Nina said...

I also like that N is pissed off - it shows that she did not give up.and Mr M is hilarious as always:-) hey, I did not get it - does he share a donor with twins?

Laura in L.A. said...

So happy to hear that N is ticked off and making it known! Hard as it is to see, I think it's a good sign.

Glad you found a weekend nanny that you feel comfortable with. That should help a lot.

Praying for N, continuously.

Love, Laura