Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleep begets sleep

Under the guise of sleep begets sleep which is something I never really heard or understood until I had children, I've gotten more sleep the last day or two than I can remember and I feel more tired than ever, like I've lost my edge.

Just had a successful breast feeding session with Mr. R who is lying peacefully next to me while I pump. The home nurse came today and he weighed in at 6 lbs 5 oz up from 5 lbs 10 oz last week.

Nora looked and acted really good today. I've been able to hold her again the last day or two. So nice. She is off all oxygen support, almost up to full feedings again via gavage, and probably will restart nippling again soon.

Max and I both missed Aunt TT and CC today, but things went fine. Almost normal like. He went off to "money school" with Mimi while I met with the home nurse then napped before heading to the hospital, but go home in time to swim with him a bit before bed. He's become quite the swimmer this summer thanks to my cousin and he is so proud of his swimming abilities. He's going to get moved up next week to a "real" swim class from the mommy/me one now that he is 3 and basically potty trained.

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