Monday, August 04, 2008

Holding Steady

Today was a crazy day. I'll spare all the minutia detail, but I didn't get out the door to go to the hospital until 11 am having not yet eaten for the day that started somewhere in the 3 am hour with a turkey sandwich in hand that my cousin made for me. I need to be at the peds office for Ray's first appointment at 9 am and with morning traffic need to plan on about 40 - 60 minutes to get there. Egads, don't know how I'm going to manage that. Got the portable a/c hooked up a bit ago and it is making a big difference. Of course, I spent hours on something that should have taken about 30 minutes tops and had to call in my electrician neighbor for help. I was much relieved to hear it wasn't just me, the instruction made no sense, and he got me hooked up in no time flat.

Ms. N basically slept the entire time I was visiting and was letting the ventilator do her breathing for her. Made me sad and I kept reassuring myself that she hasn't just given up, but she is trying to recover and saving her energy to do so until the meds can beat the infection back enough that she can perk up. This infection is Group Strep B again. It is not yet known whether it was the same strain as before or not. They want to put in another pic line and I signed a consent, but had several questions about pro's and con's.

The home nurse stopped by to see R today. Of course, I didn't know she was going to and wasn't home at the time. I would have had I checked messages from Sunday, but who has time for all of that. He weighted in at 5 lbs 10 oz and is officially doing well.

I wanted to choke M at one point today, but hugged him instead. Three cheers from my cousin who kept him out of my room for an hour or so this morning so I could get a bit of much needed sleep. And, three more for her basically taking care of R all evening so I could get the a/c situation resolved. Just now getting a chance to pump several hours after I should have.

I'm running high on adrenaline at the moment and not sure how I'm going to wind down enough to snooze when I really need.


QuiltingChaos said...

Hang in there and get some sleep. Thank goodness N. is doing better

Laura in L.A. said...

Just checking in. I am praying for Nora and hoping that she is continuing to improve.

Love, Laura