Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Week 11


Dora said...

What deliciousness! I hope you can bring N home soon and all have a great nap together. I love naps, damn job gets in the way of my napping!

Love the shot of R and the cat. I think one of my cats will adore having a baby around. The other one will take a while to warm up to a new household member. Well, one step at a time. Or one shot at at a time. (I just started stims last night!)

Jess said...

Absolutely precious!!

Susan said...

I love it! All three, crashed for a nap :)

Deb, I wish you were nearby. I'd be happy to take over for awhile while you catch up on sleep. Those first few months with twins are so draining, and with all the extras you put in, I am totally amazed!

Wishing you relaxation and rest,