Saturday, August 30, 2008

The boy next door

There is something very attractive in a man who knows how to massage. My neighbors son is in town for the weekend (used to live here when I first moved in) and he stopped by to catch up. One thing led to another and after some dialog and picture looking I got the most wonderful hand and foot massage. If I wasn't so tired and stressed out, I may have gotten turned on or something. As it was, it got me motivated for a nice hot bath and a few bottles of water. And, now I'm headed to bed....yes, alone. Now, I don't want to paint to glamorous of a picture. I was in a trashed house (the weekend sitters daughter came with her today and Max had to show her each and every toy he owns, very few of which got put away), with a sleeping baby on my chest, in wet puke stained and smelly PJ's, with Ice Road Truckers on the TV. Ah, but if he lived closer and did that on a more regular basis, well then, it may be a different story.

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