Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Week 10

Ten weeks in and I feel like a veteran in so many ways. Things are fine around here, just no time for the computer as my pump time has been taking with feeding Little R during the night and Mr. M thinks the computer is "his" and bonds with me while pumping while playing on his computer. He is quite good at getting around actually. Some days/nights are better than others.

Ms. N seems like she is doing fine. All of her tests have come back normal or in range. They are discontinuing another antibiotic and the plan is to leave her on the last one until the 28th. Another blood draw for her tomorrow and another head u/s and lumbar puncture next week. Today's drama with her was her pic/central line clotting up and needing a repair. She has had numerous head IV lines over the last few weeks and one again this morning until they got the central line working again. The nurses are good at many things, but hair cutting/repair after taping down IV lines isn't one of them. My poor girl is sporting a terrible "do" with her bald ole forehead.

Max will look back on this time and wonder about all the naked and half naked pics of himself. I'll just have to set him straight that it was really all his own doing as keeping and getting clothes on him just isn't worth the battle/trouble most days unless we are going out.

Ray is doing fine. Sleeping, eating, pee'ing and sometimes poo'ing, except for that night still in memory where he was up every hour or two torturing me. That wasn't a good night. Because he is home and I can, he was dressed up for picture day.


Katrina said...

Glad to hear that things are going well and Nora seem to be on the mend! Oh the IV haircuts...I hate to say it, but Jacob still has not grown any noticeable hair where they shaved him for his IV. :( There is a tiny little stubble though. :)

Laura in L.A. said...

I love Wednesday Picture Day! All your babies are so beautiful--even N's haircut just shows off her gorgeous face!

M has the right idea-- what's better than riding your Jeep around naked???

Praying that N continues her progress and is home to join you and her brothers soon.

Love, Laura

Jen said...

I'm so glad to hear that all three are doing well and that N is on the mend :)

Nina said...

I smile every time I look at R's picture (when he is wearing a hat):-) All of them are so cute!