Monday, August 11, 2008

Parting Gift

My cousin leaves today. Where has the summer gone?

She said she would take Mr. R early to let me get a bit of sleep. She got me up about 12 am (?) because Max had puked all over everything. He has never puked in his life and this is the second time this summer, both after being at the beach/in the sun for quite a bit. I got him bathed while she changed the sheets and I got him back to bed.

As I stumbled back into the living room with Mr. R still asleep planning on taking him, I asked when he was ready to eat and she said soon that she'd do it. I said great just bring him in to me when done/your ready and headed back to sleep.

Just woke up a few minutes ago bursting with the need to pump and went to check on things and yes he is about to eat again. I commented that you never brought him in to me. She said, my parting gift to you. Ah, how sweet it was. Thank you. Thank you dear cousin.

I'll finish pumping. Then, go take over. I'm not sure she planned this on the onset, but it was oh so nice and much needed for me.

I know she has to get home and back to her own life, but I so don't want to see her go. I'm not sure how I would have made it through the summer without her. She just made everything so much nicer and easier. Max and I sure are going to miss her and CC.


Laura in L.A. said...

Deb, your cousin is a blessed woman! (CC too, of course!) I know how much you're going to miss them.

Glad N seems better, glad M is feeling well enough to finagle his way into your room :), and glad R pooped!:)

Prayers coming for more of the same!

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

My mother gave me the same parting gift the day she was leaving after helping me with my newborn twins. She let me sleep and stayed up with the twins basically most of the night! She said she could sleep on the plane and it would be my last opportunity to rest for a while! The weekend/maybe night nanny will be such a help to you! nancy in ak

Miss X said...

That's great. As a new reader, I'm really enjoying your blog (I started back at the beginning).