Monday, October 01, 2007

All systems go....

This Donor Egg thing is really going to happen. My money came in on Friday and I was able to deposit it that day. They have a hold on the funds and will release about $5K on 10/5 and the rest on 10/16.

The check is in the mail to the agency as of a few minutes ago along with a notarized copy of the agency agreement. Really, it is two checks one to be deposited on Friday and the other on the 16th for the remaining money due to above said hold. Just like that $23K gone. It causes me to think "Holy Crap! What the hell am I doing? That's a lot of money" (or alternately "Holy Fuck, this is real and going to happen."

I picked out a lawyer. His check is in the mail along with a retainer agreement. I could have met with him face to face, but it would take at least 1/2 a day round trip which I just don't have right now.

I got the CD3 lab results from my donor today. Her FSH is 4.9 and estradiol 33. My agency endeared themselves to me when they authorized those labs last week when my donor got her period even though it is against their policy to do so without having their money. I was actually very good about not stressing about the money and when it would come because I had/have done everything in my power to get it as fast as I could. I was resigned to getting delayed if needed, but am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled, they trusted me enough when I said I was 100% committed to the cycle and there was 0% the money would not be available and that it was just a timing issues.

I'm getting my period today. Just spotting and cramping and general blah bloated feeling that a nice cheeseburger and chocolate shake will help I'm sure. Hey, I had to celebrate (with a cheap drive thru meal since the big bucks are not going towards food these days) on the way home from the motorization/mail stop, right?

I paid the deposit to my clinic a few weeks ago on a card and the rest of the money isn't due for awhile...maybe early November? plenty of time to pay that once the hold is lifted on the rest of the money.

Like mentioned above, occasionally, I get freaked out over the money thing. Every now and again, I feel extreme fear (terror really) that I'll go through all this and it won't work. Sometimes, I'm sad that I didn't conceive with my own eggs and have to go this route. Others, I'm angry as hell and pissed that it didn't work with my own eggs. Mostly, I'm getting excited. It's feeling a bit surreal.

When I really stop and think about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, I feel peace. It took me awhile to get here, but I now that I am. I know that I'm on the right path for me and for my family. I take a deep breath and remind myself of that when I start stressing.


Donor Details

I don't think I have yet posted it. Here is the high level calendar and my donor's previous cycle history. I don't even know this woman and can care less about her true motivation, I'm just grateful that women like her exist that 1) have decent eggs and 2) are willing to share them.

Start stims November 28th with travel to CA on Dec 3rd for a first appointment on Dec 4th. Anticipated retrieval is between the 6th through 12th, depending on the donor (your donor would probably be on/around Dec 8th or 9th).

Here is her previous history:
5X Prior Donor (I'll be her 6th cycle)

April 2004 - 25 eggs retrieved, 17 fertilized, 14 viable at day-3, 3 transferred; singleton pg (8 frozen)

July 2004 - 17 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, 11 day-3
embryos, 3 transferred and 3 frozen; singleton birth

March 2005 - 18 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 15 fertilized with ICSI (male factor), 12 viable at day-3, 2 tx'd and 7 frozen - singleton pregnancy

July 2005 - 23 eggs retrieved, 21 mature, 18 fertilized, 13
viable on day-3, 2 tx'd and 9 frozen and twin pregnancy

June 2006 - 22 eggs retrieved, 19 mature, 16 fertilized, 11 viable day-3 embryos, 2 transferred, 7 frozen and singleton pg.

She will be 27 at time of ER.


Jen said...

YAY :) I'm so excited for you that you are getting to do this!!!!! I still have no sign of AF and I'm 17 DPO. I have a long cycle (37 days) but temps have more than 18 temps above cover line which is mind blowing to me. I'm doing one more HPT tomorrow and if there is no BFP and temps still up I'm going to the doctor. Wish me luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie - Harding from IVFC. I have been following your struggle (we were PG at the same time in 2005) to have a second...and just want to say how happy I am for you! Very excited to see your family grow. Wow that donor has great cycles! Take care and Jack and I will be praying for you!

Katrina said...

So exciting! Your donor sounds fabulous and I am keeping everythign crossed for you! :)

Care said...

I'm so glad to see it's all systems go and that everything is coming together. Your donors stats sound impressive, especially with a pregnancy resulting every time. I hope this means great things for your cycle!