Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh what a week, what a week.

My boss asked me today how I was doing and I honestly told him. I'm tired out. After work, I want no interaction with anyone. I've put Max down and vegged quietly by myself. No reading. No TV. Very few phone calls. A few mindless computer games. And, that's been it. Work has sucked me dry the last few weeks. I'm glad I mostly have a calm weekend with few plans. We need it, Max, my booger nose boy, and I.

I did have girls night out tonight. Good food. Great company. We only manage to get together about 4 times a year, but it is nice when we do. My neighbor agreed to watch Max for me weeks and months ago (yes, we have to get them on the books well in advance these days) and she looked as tired as I felt. So, I felt a little guilt in that, but still glad I went.

Max started screaming when I started to leave and did the whole breath holding spell thing which made me realize it hadn't happened in quite awhile. It wasn't nearly as hard to leave him now that he is older as it was when he was so little. He woke up a bit when I went to check on him and said "momma sit down".* Then, rolled right over and fell back to sleep.

I realized on my way home how rare it is for me to drive at night anymore. Seriously, not more than a handful (nor more than two) times a year. I remember folks....yes, older folks....okay, what I would call OLD folks, at the time...saying they didn't like driving at night. OMG, I'm becoming one of those people. I was just so tired, and it was drizzling which is rare around here, and traffic was moving fast, the on coming lights were so bright and I realized I was tense and stressed. I was happy to be home safe and sound and in one piece.

Our plans for tomorrow got canceled (actually moved to a day when we can't make it) and I'm watching Nikki, my foster dog who was adopted earlier in the week for the owner who had to go out of town. Our big plans are to take the dogs to the dog/train park and stop by to see the 8:16 and 8:35 am trains, then going grocery shopping. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. All, that is, except that early morning wake up call that I know I will get. It's usually not bad, but after going out and getting to bed late, it's hard and a known price to pay.

* Max always wants me (and Noemi) to sit in the rocking chair in his room after he is put down for the night. I usually will for about 1 minute and then tell him, "it's the dogs turn. I need to go take the dogs out to go pooh pooh and pee pee". Which he tolerates well most of the time, and since I really am outside doesn't bother to cry since no one is around to hear him or cry. Or, for those middle of the night wakings where he needs to be soothed in person, "momma has to go potty" also works.


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