Thursday, October 04, 2007

Loving It!

No, I'm not loving the fact that it is 12:40 am and I'm up. Not that part.

I'm loving Max's communication skills at the moment.

He woke up crying. I waited and he still wasn't settling. Almost dozed back off, then he started it again. So, I went in and asked him what was the matter, not really expecting any response other than more milk.

What I got back was "Momma, itchy, want cream". So, I got him up, changed his diaper, put lotion on his legs. And, now he is back to sleep or at least quiet.

I would have never figured that one out. So, far anyway, the terrible two's hasn't really been so terrible. Yes, Max melts down on occassion when he can't get his way, but I almost always understand him these days.

It's really great. I don't always get back the response I expect, but it is nice that he can tell me the real deal eliminating the guess work.

Back to bed for me. Night night.

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