Sunday, October 07, 2007

Max's Ped Appointment

A friend reminded me that I put a teaser out there. I guess I was more of a tease than intended cause I just plain forgot to post about Max's pediatrician appointment the other week.

The appointment went well. I really like his ped and the practice a lot. Plus, I think it was very good to go just to talk/when Max didn't need a shot. Max didn't want to go in the room. He was just standing in the doorway saying "owie, owie, owie" over and over. It took both the nurse and I telling him there wasn't any shots to get him to cross the threshold.

Dr. H and I had a nice talk and he observed Max while we did. He was happy I told him he couldn't stop me from getting an assessment at this point if we were approved for one as he sees teachers as part of "the team" and it would be just more input. He also explained he was a late talker and turned out just fine, but in today's standards would have been referred for services. The bottom line is that he thinks Max is just fine and there are no serious issues. He makes eye contact. He talks. He did something for the sole purpose of trying to get Dr. H to laugh, can't remember what right funny boy...that Dr. H said was a good sign (in that kids with autism and/or sensory issues don't often do. However, he does think that Max's fine motor skills are a bit behind. He pointed out that Max usually picks up things with his entire hand instead of just his finger and thumb. Since he pointed it out, I notice it is very true. I've set up a few scenario's like the "play the money game" where we dump the coins and put them back into the slot of "the bank". Max can pick them up with the pointer and thumb and will a few times, but then goes to the whole hand thing.

A day or two after Max's ped appointment our contact from the regional center called back to ask a few more questions, mostly to clarify, and I got the impression to see if she got the same answers. And, I told her about what Dr. H said as well as re-reviewed the feedback I had from the school.

Our case was supposed to have been presented last Wednesday. We should get a letter in the mail within 10 days either way indicated whether services will be provided/an assessment scheduled. If we are approved, a social worker will call to set up the assessment.

So, basically, just now waiting to see on whether we are approved or not.

I'm really fine with the whole thing now. After talking to a bunch of people, doing a little research, and observing Max, there is just no way there can be anything seriously wrong with him. If services aren't provided by the regional center, I'll just make an effort to work with Max more myself. It's funny. I had Max's teacher, who speaks Spanish, explain it all to Noemi. I had tried, but figured she didn't really understand even though she told me she did/though she did. When she got home on Tuesday after class, she told me what they said and was more put out and denying it (not quite argumentative) than I would ever think to be. She insisted that Max was fine and she had seen a lot of kids and there were no problems. It made me smile and a bit worried that she wouldn't be willing to work with him on things. There are a few things I've really wanted her to do like take Max in the pool more in the summer and read to him before nap (even buying lots of children's books in Spanish to aid in this), that just don't happen.

I like that after the ped appointment I know more of what to look for and activities to do to improve. At this point, I'm really hoping we are approved and receive services for just a little while. It will be anti climatic at this point to be denied. Plus, I'd just like to get another persons perspective and ideas on activities and improvement opportunities.

In the mean time, we just wait, wait, wait to hear the verdict. And, it's just adding to the waiting I'm doing for the cycle. I won't say I'm getting good at the whole waiting game, but I am getting a lot of practice.

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Jen said...

I didn't want to say too much before you went to the doctor but I'm glad you got that input. From the posts you've written about Max and all that he does I HIGHLY doubted that he was going to end up on the autism spectrum. My guess is after some assessments (which you can request fyi) that he'll probably get some Occupational Therapy to help with the fine motor skills. By the time he's in Kindergarten it will be all but a memory with maybe a few more services thrown in just for good measure for K-2 maybe once they check out his writing. I'm glad you got the input from the doctor and I hope that makes you feel better :)