Sunday, October 21, 2007

This weekend

It started with acupuncture and a wonderful take out steak dinner with a crab cake appetizer. Oh, I told you that part already? Well, it was good and I don't often eat that good so I'm still enjoying the memory.

We had a fabulous, fabulous time riding the Metro yesterday morning. I, of course, forgot my camera, but my friend got a few cute pictures of Max on her phone she said she would send. The ride "in" Max was wide eyed and quiet absorbing it all. He loved it. We all had a great time. We went all the way to Union Station with no stops and got out and walked. The friend we went with has been having some back or sciatic nerve problems where her pain level increases if she has to stand or walk a long time. She didn't say anything or complain, but I could tell she started to have a hard time. We saw this buggy flying through the station tunnel and a few more stationary with a guy getting in one. I asked the guy if we were allowed to ride or who was allowed to ride or something like that. He said, you want a ride, hop on, we did and he took off. Through the tunnel up onto a train platform to a leaving train with an ID that a rider had apparently left quickly handed to a conductor, further down the ramp, he quickly turns around, stops, gets a big smile and says, "you want to see a train take off, right?" Takes Max from my arms and holds him while the train leaves the station while telling us about his nephew who is 2.5 and loves to come and begs to come every time he sees him in his uniform. He was the nicest man. Then, back on the cart, with a drop off right outside the Metro line we needed for our trip back.

We stopped at a few stations on the way back and got off on one in Hollywood for lunch before heading home. While walking to the restaurant, we saw a few costume characters. Max took one look at Mini Mouse, asked to be picked up, gave me a big hug while whispering in my ear "Momma, Mini scary." On the way back, we went and crossed the opposite way to avoid Scary Mini. Max clear as day says, "saxophone". We stop to listen and sure enough on the other side of the street, out of sight is someone playing a sax. We were both surprised that he could identify it. My friend commented that many adults couldn't pick a saxophone out like that. It was an odd little thing, but made me so proud. When we got to the other side, we gave the player some coins and he played us a special song and we danced a bit before going to catch our train.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time and will be doing it again some day soon. Maybe even taking it all the way to Long Beach to the Aquarium.

My mom ended up stopping by later that afternoon on her way back from my sisters and had dinner with us.

Max has been sleeping late and either napping late or boycotting naps. Most people would be pleased that their child is sleeping in to 7 am. I'm tolerating it and would be more impressed if I were sleeping better. I've woken at 4:15 - 4:30 am for the last few days and not going back to sleep. And, I've been staying up late so I've been cutting sleep on both ends and its taking its toll.

This morning was rushed with Max not getting up until 7 and needed to get to Church/Sunday School no later than 9 am. I'm glad I didn't have to choose between getting the dogs out or being late for church. I can't say they really got a walk today, but they got out front and down the block a few houses. It seemed to be fine and was all I could manage. On Saturday, when my mom was here, I was able to get them out for a decent walk and Shadow went all the way around the block. She hasn't done that in part probably because I haven't had the time/patience and in part because she hasn't felt like it...but, I was really happy she did. It's been nice and windy here and I think all the wind and scents is stirs up made her frisky.

Anyway, today was a mad dash getting ready for church, church, getting grocery's, putting grocery's away, lunch, stuff like that. I was so tired, I had to caution myself to not put Max down too soon. It turns out, he never napped, but played nicely in his crib for a few hours while I did. And, I needed it. I go in to find him stark naked. Apparently figuring out how to take off his sleep blanket, clothes, and diaper occupied some of that time. Thankfully, he's potty trained enough to hold it when he doesn't have a diaper on. We just hung around this afternoon and I made meatloaf (with Max's help hand mixing it which he enjoyed, but kept trying to eat), potatoes (red potatoes that we called french fries with catchup:), and green bean casserole. I think this is actually the first meal I have put any effort into that he actually ate and liked. I got a "like it"..oh, be still my heart, while he was eating it. Of course, since it was all covered in catchup, I'm sure that helped. Not being in the mood to pick up after I had him down for the night and somehow the house got trashed several times over today, I was busy doing that while Max played and watch a DVD. Finally, I was called over "Momma, come sit down" and I finished watching the dishes and did.

I have vowed to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Last night, no, not out, no. I got sucked into this program on the History Channel about the bible and how Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Deborah and others were great war/battle strategists. We've already established that I have more eclectic taste in TV shoes, but I really found it fascinating. I'm not sure how or when it ended, because I made myself turn it off at commercial around 11:40 pm knowing I really needed to get to sleep. And, because I really know how to live large, I rolled coins and played Spider Solitaire getting my win percent to 46% (which I blew this morning while waiting for Max to wait and am back to 44%).

Anyway, a nice weekend with a variety of activities including some home time and hanging out. Just the kind of weekend I love.

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