Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gayp and Lab results

Max woke at 5:30 am. This used to be his usual wake up time up until a few weeks ago. I actually prefer the earlier wake up time, but since the time change is just around the corner and he has been sleeping until around 7 I went in to tell him it was still sleep time.

Me: Max, do you want some milk?

Max: Gayp

Me: Max, do you want some milk?

Max: Gayp

Me: (thinking, thinking, thinking while half asleep trying to figure out what he is talking about) Do you want some grapes?

Max: Yes, Gayp

Me: Okay, let me go get some.

Me: Here they are.

Max: Tank you mommy.

Back to bed I go hoping he doesn't choke and die on them. Not sure if he fell back to sleep, but he did eat them all and play mostly quietly in his crib until 7 am when I went to get him up.

Me: Good Morning. Ready for some milk?

Max: More Gayp.

Me: More grapes? Okay, let me go get some.

(as I'm getting them ready)

Max: Mommy, no gayp. Cherry.

Me: You want Dried Cherries instead of grapes?

Max: Yes mommy.

Needless to say, he has been having some hard stool lately and I've been trying to push the fruits and veggies so was happy to provide, but think it is just funny that he comes up with this type of thing just out of the blue. Ah, that boy of mine.

In ttc news, I got my labs from last week back this morning after emailing to ask about them.

E2 = 10 (good, no cyst)
P4 = less than 0.5 (good, no ovulation while on bcp's_
Prolactin = 4.0 (good, want it to be under 30 to not impact fertility and the only test the clinic wanted)

I'm hoping I hear back on the contract soon and get my official calendar, but have been doing pretty good about waiting and just getting other things done and a jump start on Christmas shopping.

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