Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday School

Max had his first day of Sunday school today. It was the first time I left him alone in a classroom setting. He did fine. He cried a bit when I said I was leaving, but then his teacher (who has twin boys in the 3 year old class) got him interested in tractors. I had thought about staying the first week, but I was feeling tired and crabby since I stayed up too late and knew the break would be good for both of us and my friend enrolled her 3 year olds so we were meeting to go to mass together. However, Max is too much. As soon as he was "freed" from the classroom, he walked right over to the cry room in the sanctuary and hung out in there making sure that I realized he didn't consider Sunday school church. After he played in the sanctuary for awhile listing and commenting on the music of the choir practicing for the 11 am mass, he then went and played on the playground like we normally would have. And, no time for going out to eat at the restaurant then. Max is too much and had me laughing up a storm. I was floored when I realized he didn't want to go play on the playground and when he walked right into the "cry room" bypassing all of the activity and people in the hall getting donughts and announced. Church! I may try to get to the early service next week with him before his Sunday school since it appeared missing it was important to him, but don't think they have music at that one so he probably won't like it so much.

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