Monday, October 08, 2007

What a day, is it over yet?

It's been a long, long hard day. Nothing major just a bunch of hassles like Max fighting with Roxy (the dog I'm watching for a long weekend), having no internet connection today causing me to have to cancel two meetings, Max waking up hours before the crack of dawn, stuff like that. I got my draft contract from the lawyer today. It's 17 pages and I need a fresh mind to stay focused when reading legalese so I'm saving that for tomorrow.

Oh, and I came up with my latest worry today. I'm now worried that BCP's won't suppress me. I have never ever had a problem before. Yet, the last time I took them was before I started having the no response to stims things. I'm trying to convince myself that its such a long shot that I should not worry and certainly not panic that I'll get to Thanksgiving week only to find out that my body is once again doing its own darn thing. As such, I'll probably try to go in for an u/s in a week or two just to make sure and ease my fears.

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