Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Max was approved for services/assessments from the Regional Center. His service coordinator called today. The assessment is contracted out and will be conducted sometime between October 18 - November 18th for funding reasons and works better with my work schedule anyway.

Max was approved for two assessments 1) a full development assessment by a physical therapist 2) speech and language assessment by either a physical therapist or a speech and language specialist.

The speech and language one kind of makes me laugh because I think he does exceedingly well in this area. But, I'm happy to have him assessed in it, especially since he is so verbal with me and so non-verbal in a school setting not around me.

All and all, I'm kind of excited to see the results.

I'm not thinking Max will be perfect and am fine with him needing services. I'm just happy to be having an objective trained person to give impressions so we can have a plan or put things to rest. Yes, I will be truly and totally shocked if they find any major issues and concerns. However, as Max's ped and I discussed, labels get you services and the services are free. So, even though internally I'd be a tad worried I had completely missed a problem since the mother's instinct is supposed to be the deciding factor in all of this. I will know a label is just a label and says nothing about who Max is as a person (charming, smart, vocal little devil he is) or me as a mother. I actually think he will be ahead in some things and behind in others, but will be happy to see the results be they what they may.

After the assessments, my service coordinator will come to the house to review the results and we will talk about any ongoing service needs.

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Jen said...

Totally thought I commented to this the other day. I'm so glad to hear that you were approved for services. I was sure you would be. Don't stress about this. You'll likely end up with services for his speech (maybe) and for Occupational Therapy (almost definitely) and they'll last through early in his elementary years possibly. It will all be helpful in the end :) Be an advocate for him (I know you will be) so that you get what he needs in school.

As far as I'm concerned, still no AF...GRRRRRR...hopefully this week so that we can get on with the labs and the HSG.