Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing big

Don't really have anything big going on or to say.

Yet, there are a lot of little things keeping me busy.

Max and I have a decent social life, but not too crazy busy.

I'm checking things off the DE cycle to do list and getting more things added. The contract is out of my/my lawyers hands and into the donors. Cycle coordinator sent me my lab orders and the donor lab orders with only a little gentle prodding. I need a pap, which is scheduled for 10/31. A mammogram, which I've had recently so sent into the clinic and received confirmation that they received so that's now complete. Legal clearance and prolactin. Talked to coordinator and going to add a progesterone test with the prolactin cause I either have a cyst or a follicle growing. Calendars on are RE's desk for approval and nurse coordinator said she would humor me and let me review donor's calendar before its sent (and tell me how similar or dissimilar it is to her last few cycles), but I start lupron on the 10th allegedly. I'm suppose to stay on active BCP's only.

I've set up another pre-school visit.

I've applied for a few jobs outside of my current employer, which means I had to review and update my resume.

I've set up some acupuncture appointments.

I've worked. I've hung out and played with Max. I've taken on a new foster dog.

I have two potential Halloween Costumes for Max. A baseball player (LA Dodger) or a Fireman, which a friend lent me after I commented that Max alternates between which one he wants on any given day and I hoped Halloween ended up on a ball player day since I didn't have a fire man outfit. The added bonus is that the boots and jacket are actually rain gear and came in good use this morning while walking the dogs in the drizzle.

I've talked to and kept up with a few friends/on-line groups and been really negligent with others for really no good reason other than I just haven't been in the mood to talk/keep up.

I think Max is finally almost over his cold and booger fest of the last few weeks without an ear infection or anything more serious.

I was doing really good about eating decent until the last day or two, but did actually cook a dinner (chicken teriyaki with rice and broccoli) last night that both Max and I (and the dogs) enjoyed. And, I've been bad about taking my vitamins lately and think I'm getting a sore throat as a result or am trying to fight off the cold Max has had at the least.

I think I have decided that Santa is going to get Max an Art easel and some art supplies, but haven't picked out the actual one (so feel free to give me recommendations). I've picked out, but still need to order our Christmas PJ's. I've thought about, but done nothing about ordering Christmas cards with the latest picture of Max and I (the one I'm currently using on this site).

Things are just kind of rolling along little by little. Living life with normal stuff, but nothing big going.

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