Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Max's Communication Skills

I just thought I'd share a few examples about how I'm not worried at all about Max's verbal and communication skills even though his teachers at school are. I really think it is a case of him being shy and not knowing that he should and can talk to them. Or, he just picks up a vibe he doesn't like from them or the place. He had his second week of Sunday school this week and loved it. Went right in and started playing with the other children and didn't want to leave. I did take him early and we said a quick "Hi" to his teacher, then went to the sanctuary for him to play in the cry room for a bit before service started. I'm going to take off work next Tuesday and Thursday morning (not that work knows this yet) and go with them to his class so I can get my own observations before his Regional Center Assessment. And, the teachers can get other impressions on how he deals around me, which seems to be so different than from when he isn't.

Anyway, last night Max was up 3 times between midnight and 1 am. I was really confused and disoriented at first which is rare for me and rare to be woken up at this part of my sleep cycle. I stumble in the dark into Max's room and clear as day he said, "I need a fresh diaper". :) So, I changed his diaper and sure enough he had a poo. Back to bed with a few pleas to "sit down" in his room with him. I mumbled about going back to bed and being tired. He woke up again, repeat and rinse, except he didn't have a poo (that I could tell in the dark). He woke up a third time, but we both fell back asleep without me having to leave my bed again.

The other day, he woke up early. Too early even for my let's get prepared for the time change now thing I have going on, by shouting out (now that he's wanting to sleep with his door open, he can hear me if I shout across the house from my bed) that it's still too early go back to sleep. Most often, he does. The other day, he clearly shout back "I want this blanket". I went and gave him another blanket to which he replied "no THIS blanket" of which the second one must have been the one he wanted and he went back to sleep for another few hours almost making us late for Church.

After Church on Sunday, we went over to my friends for brunch. The kids are in different class rooms right next door, but didn't really get to see each other last week. We get out of the car and he starts talking to Charlie, to which Charlie responds, "Max is talking". And, they went off so that Charlie could show Max is room and all his toys and tell him he couldn't touch them because they were for big boys. :) Both Heather and her husband commented on how well and clear Max talks and that was even before I told them about the Regional Center assessment. We all had a good laugh when her husband walked by and clear as day Max's said "Hi Daddy" like the twins. We all agreed that Max was probably about on par with the twins communication wise who will be 4 in January.

A few weeks ago, I watched a friends dog while she went to a big family event out of town. When she got back, she was telling my how much more advanced Max was from the kids his age and older at the event, especially verbally. She doesn't even know about the Regional Center assessment thing.

He's counting to at least 10 in both English and Spanish. He knows the words and sings to a dozen or more songs including the ABC's. This weekend, when he was bouncing around his crib and playing and singing and doing everything except taking a nap, I was treated to a couple of rounds of the Happy Birthday song.

He talks about things that have happened in the past, like about riding the ponies at the pumpkin patch, which we did a few weeks ago that are so out of context to the situation at hand, and I (and others) can clearly understand what he is talking about and referring. His first week of Sunday school, I was a bit surprised to come in and find the teacher drawing snowmen for Max. I just laughed and agreed he had been into Snowmen lately. And, she laughed and said she felt a bit silly, but that's what he was asking and wanted.

I don't know anyone who has come in recent contact with him while I'm around who hasn't clearly understood him. Which is why I think the whole verbal/communication assessment laughable. But, I'm happy to do it and interested in hearing a professionals view point on the whole matter. Regardless of what they say or don't, I have no worries about this aspect of his development.

Max is still sleeping. Through a few toilet flushes. The new foster dog (who arrived yesterday) barking and chasing the cat around the house, me shouting at the dog, (repeat and rinse) and the trash truck going past our house (which is a sound he knows and loves). I'm assuming he is still alive, although I still do worry a tad when he sleeps late like this. The last few weeks, his night time sleep has been getting longer and his naps shorter and less predictable. I'm sure better in the long run, but I sure missed those marathon afternoon naps this weekend.

And, my little terror angel is stirring. Time to officially start a new day soon, cause the day doesn't actually start until Max is released from his crib you know. No matter how long I've been up before him.

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Nina said...

Debbie - may be it makes sense to record Max's conversations with you? and play them to teachers? 'Cause you don;t know how do they communicate to him, may be it's some way different from the way you communicate to him? For example, my friend has a shy son, so at the beginning of the conversation, I just repeat stuff after him, immitating his intonations, And after that "ice gets broken"...

Best of Luck,