Friday, October 19, 2007

Found it!

I toured yet another preschool this morning. When I told my sister the other day she laughed and said she couldn't believe it, that she just checked out the closest day care center to their house, like it well enough and went with it. I laughed as well and way could I take that approach.

This is the preschool that is affiliated with our church. I really like the director. I liked how she conducted the tour logistically. I liked the things she had to say. I liked what I observed and saw of the teachers and the children. I think the clincher was when we were outside and she commented that if you didn't want your child getting wet, this was probably not the school for them and on how they let the children do a lot of water play and pointed out the water spiget, the water fountain, and how the sand didn't just look wet, it was wet because yesterday the kids were playing with the water and flooded it. Ah, a perfect, perfect match for my beliefs and my son who adores water play.

Of course it is more expensive than any other school I have looked at so far. Of course it is.

Enrollment is in early March, forms mailed late February, for next September.

I'm still going to check out another school or two, just because. But, I'm sure I'll end up going with this school. Everything about it felt right.

I also went over the hill to my old favorite accupuncturist in preperation for my cycle. It felt good to see her and good to have the treatment. Her treatments seem much more potent to me than the local one I tried for a month or two. She felt I needed more red meat and beef in my diet and I had to agree as I have been craving it lately and just not done much about it. How good a nice juicy steak would taste for dinner was on my mind the whole way home so I stopped and got a nice thick fillet with a crab cake appetizer take out from a nice high end steak house. Max had his nice Turkey dog and I devored the entire steak while the dogs sat begging and salavating. It was delitous. Mmmmmm mmmmmm good.

We are off to ride the Metro trains tomorrow morning for the first time with a friend after I drop by my extra meds, and needles, and some flowers at my clinic. I think Max is going to love it.

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