Friday, May 23, 2008

Will he never learn?

You would think he would learn. He, being the cat, City Boy, in this case.

I woke up a bit ago and didn't go immediately back to sleep like I usually do these days. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen the cat in awhile, although I couldn't remember when I had actually last seen him. He wasn't sleeping on my bed as is most common during the night. I did remember that Max and I had gone into the garage before I put him down to get more milk.* Before I searched too long and hard, I decided to go grab the key and check the garage to see if City was locked in yet again. Yep, City spent 6 hours locked in it this time. You'd think he would learn that if he was going to follow us in he wouldn't be quite to stealth about it and give out a meow or two to let us know he was joining us. Or, that I would remember to call for the cat as I'm trying to carry whatever I came for and shepard Max out of the garage (and no, you can't play in momma's car right now it is bed time) and get everything locked up again. Sadly, this doesn't usually happen and the cat gets locked in the garage on a some what regular basis. Oh well, can't remember everything and at least he doesn't seem to mind much even when the weather is really hot or cold, which it wasn't tonight and I've learned to check there first when he isn't around/sleeping on my bed at night.

* I have a detached garage that I keep a spare fridge with an extra gallon or two of milk, some emergency water in case of earthquake/disaster, occasionally some soda or food, especially when I have company or it is near a holiday, and extra beer/wine (that never gets drunk and has probably been in there since well before Max was born). The garage also holds all the extra toilet paper, laundry soap, paper towels, etc. The door to the garage is usually kept closed and more recently locked for safety because Max can open all the doors (to get into the garage, to get into my car, to press the button to open the garage door to the street) and because there are a lot of things in the garage that could harm in one way or another.

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