Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OB Update No. ??

Had another OB appointment today. Blood pressure was good. Urine was good. Weight was good, up 2 lbs. Actually saw an OB. Heard heartbeats, both were fine. Asked Dr. T about all the things Dr. P had talked about starting at 24 weeks and whether they were still needed since the risk of PTL had been reduced. She said ask peri at next appointment. Asked her the odds of Dr. P being back before I delivered, she said good that she was expected back in July and that she went out now rather than later so she could be back for a lot of her patients deliveries. I didn't pry, but this tells me surgery of some kind that involves a few months recovery which would actually be better than some of the other scenarios I've come up with and makes me happy that unless things go bad before then, she'll be back. The funny thing is that there really isn't really a good reason I want here there other than a familiarity thing. Heck, she was only in the room for 5 minutes when I delivered Max, literally. Granted, she stopped by earlier in the day to break my water, but that was about it. Still, I just trust her and respect her and just would rather have her for a bunch of different reasons. For example, with Max at 36 weeks when I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced, she said, how about we send you over to the hospital and you have the baby by the weekend. I had plans that weekend and declined and she was totally fine with my decision. Almost a week later, when I called to say I was ready, she was fine with that and got everything set up. When I was at the hospital waiting for her to break my water, I was hungry and wanted to eat. The nurse said no, I pushed and had her call Dr. P who said yes. When Dr. P broke my water, she asked if I wanted to start Pitocin as well. I declined saying let's she how it goes. Glad I did, I didn't need it. She broke my water mid afternoon ...maybe about 2 or 3. Max was delivered at 11:01 pm. I guess, in writing it out, it is more like a partnership rather than a dictatorship where I have a lot of say in things. I like that....a lot.

The other things is that a twin delivery is much more risky and while I would love to do another vaginal birth, I'm thinking at this point it isn't likely. We will see how things go and I want to talk to her about it. The big question is, assuming both babies are head down, how much more risky is it now that I have GD? I've read it does increase the risk and blood sugar needs to be monitored and control so that the babies don't have low blood sugar after they are born. While the assumption is that I would deliver fast the second time around and I'd rather have and recover from a vaginal birth, my goal is 2 healthy babies.

Anyway, glad Dr. P will likely be back in plenty of time to talk to her about these things assuming that things continue to go reasonably well between now and then.

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Cindy said...

Yeah, Dr. P said yes to eating...I remember it was a tuna sandwich...but the nurse said no and remember..the nurse was right! Don't you remember you threw up that tuna sandwich soon after your contractions got harder after Dr. P ruptured the membranes? You probably don't remember but I remember thinking...shouldn't have had that sandwich...lol! Uh, funny now but not then, of course. ;)