Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nap Lockdown and Other Max Updates

After the rough Sunday nap time experience, I paid closer attention to how Noemi was handling nap times on Monday. Basically, Max was running the show and not staying in his room. She'd tell him to go into his room and maybe lead him back once, then that was it, just let him play or do whatever he wanted. No consequence for not listening. I got on her a bit about this and told her that I needed a break on the weekends and unless she consistently enforced nap time during the week that wasn't going to happen. Plus, I told her that she needed a break from him during the day as well. And, when he goes to school, there is going to be a rest time and he needed to be prepared for it. I can't remember exactly, but on Monday, I think he cried and screamed the entire time and did not nap. I was the enforcer. Tuesday, he screamed for about 45 minutes then fell asleep. I was the enforcer. Today, he cried and yelled that he did not want the door closed and fell asleep after about 30 minutes. I was in a work meeting and couldn't supervise right off and got a bit worried when it seemed like she was being a bit to lenient (I usually give him one chance and if he's out without a poo or another really good reason he's in lockdown), but she was just dealing with poo and then enforced. Max is starting to realize that no matter how long or hard he protests, he needs to stay in his room during rest time and I think Noemi is realizing that while difficult to be the enforcer and hear him cry and scream, in the long run it is nicer and easier for her.

Now, I'm not particularly a cry it out advocate. Truthfully, I could care less if he napped and actually would prefer if he didn't and just played quietly in his room. I really like our schedule better when he wasn't napping and I could put him to bed around 6 pm. Instead, I'm putting him down around 7:30 and he's not falling asleep until around 8:30 or 9 pm, but mostly he is staying in his room and only getting out if he has a poo or wants more milk. Still, this new schedule is a bit hard on me because I'm so tired in the evening and not getting a chance to nap or lay down in the afternoons. But, I think it is better for him and I really need at least an hour break from him during the day during the weekends. The variance in bedtime hasn't affected his wake up time too much other than the later he goes to bed the earlier he wakes up. So, if he falls asleep closer to 9 pm I can expect a late 4 am/early 5 am wake up. If he falls asleep around 8:30 pm, he's up around 5:30 am. And, the one time he winded down by 8 pm, I got a 6 am wake up. Anyway, with consistency on this (like any behavior change/discipline really) I'm already seeing an improvement.

Over the weekend, when it was so hot and I was so tired, Max wanted more milk. I told him I'd get it for him in a few minutes. I was pleased when he didn't bother or repeatedly nag me about it. Instead, he got the chocolate milk and the whole milk* out of the fridge, took both lids off, got himself a cup, and then told me he had everything ready. I had to laugh and it got me motivated to get up and get it for him. Then, one night earlier this week, I was in bed and thought he was asleep, and he called out he wanted more milk. I think I groaned and told him I'd get it in a few minutes. This time, he got the gallon of milk and his cup and brought them to me in bed so I could do it, ran back and put the milk away, came back for his milk, and went right back to his room. Smart kid. He's pretty good about figuring ways to get what he wants when he wants it.

Last week, when Max and I were laying around cuddling, I mentioned to him that the babies could now hear our voices and that when they were delivered they would recognize them and know that I was their mommy and he was their big brother. He must have pondered this for a few days and now has started "talking" to them and taking his big brother duties seriously. What this means in a practical sense is that he gets really close to my stomach and burps, then says "Hi brother and sister. I burped" and just laughs and laughs and laughs. After I told him that if he wanted to teach them important things like burping, he had to teach them to be polite as well so now he occasionally will add an excuse me at the end. I shouldn't laugh and encourage him, but it is pretty darn funny and he's getting such a big kick out of it. When he tires of burping into my stomach, he finds other body parts of mine to burp away on. It's amazing how long this can keep him occupied and amused.

Today, in addition to proclaiming "I'm a man" and "I'm 14 and have pubic hair" he added in "I'm a risk taker" several times just before he did something dare devilish and, well, slightly risky. Man, this kid keeps me on my toes, keeps me amazed and laughing, even while zaps my energy. I often wonder where he comes up with this stuff.

* Max developed a fondness for chocolate milk after his cousin CC was here over Thanksgiving and clued him into the fact that it existed. However, he knows there is no way I will give him just straight chocolate milk so we do a 1/3 chocolate to 2/3 regular milk on occasion as a special treat and if he hasn't had too many sweets/junk food and has been eating well.

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Cindy said...

I think that sounds like progress! Keep working on her and I am sure she will continue to see that this way is better.