Sunday, May 04, 2008

As the saying goes.... (edited)

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And, I'll add that the not so good things seem to stay around forever.

We had the best weekend that we've had in awhile. No, that's really not right....we've had some really good weekends of late. I'm feeling good enough that we've done a bunch of bigger type things like going to travel town and the Santa Barbara zoo while my sister was in town. We went to see the poppies. So, actually, we have had several really nice weekends. But, they were busy, tiring weekends for me. What I should really say is.....

We had a really nice relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at a restaurant and then hit the grocery store. Yes, we were that low on groceries. By the time we were done, all I really wanted to do was rest on the couch all morning. What we did is rally and drive around 40 - 60 minutes to visit a friend from college who was in town for the weekend. The friend was in town for her nephew 's first communion and birthday. Now, I've known R and most of her family, including her closest sister the one she was staying with since college days as well. In fact, I don't remember the circumstances, but know that R's parents stayed at my house once. R's sister visited me in the hospital after I had Max. I've been to her house lots and lots. In fact, helped set up the rocker and clean her house when she was in the hospital having her first (the one who just had the birthday), was there helping after she had her second (helping watch the one who just had the birthday), and her youngest was born weeks after Max. A long way of saying I'm very comfortable there.

Anyway, we basically spent the day there hanging out and I put Max in the bath and PJ's before heading home (in the hopes he might actually fall asleep in the car...yeah right) and couldn't believe how relaxing the day was. I had conversations, whole ones...lots of them. Max played in the play room/with the train table by himself and nicely with others. He jumped in the jumping castle on and off for 20 - 30 minutes at at time. He spent a good half hour and maybe longer pushing two yellow Tonka dump trucks around in the dirt and in and out of a hole. And, I could be on the other side of the yard or inside watching out the window. I didn't have to be right on top of him and he didn't need or want me to be. We both had a wonderful time. I can't believe how wonderful of a time we had.

Really, I've loved every stage of motherhood so far. But, I really love this new one. It is so easy. I only brought two cups of milk for Max for in the car on the way home. No fuss getting out of the house and only minimal fuss getting out of the party (cried when we packed up to leave and then kept asking on the way home about the other kids still playing and bouncing in the castle...when he had to go home). It really hit me about how good and much easier things are right now. And, how all that is going to change soon and I'll be back to that baby stage with two not one.

I know that I wanted children closer together. Much closer in age than what Max will be with the twins. However, now having lived it, I'm glad that things have gotten easier before the twins are here. I think it will be the light at the end of the tunnel in those first few days, weeks, months, and years with the twins. Not only hearing that it gets easier, but having lived it.

But, probably, the best part of the weekend was that both Max and I got good solid naps in today. I didn't think it was going to happen. I wasn't counting on it. But, oh, it was so nice and needed for us both.

Probably the funniest part of the weekend was this morning when Max was looking at pictures from Travel Town before church trying to convince me that we should go there instead. One of the many different approaches he took was telling me that we needed to go because the trains missed him. :)

ETA: While the weekend WAS relaxing, it wasn't perfect and the cold/cough, especially the cough is taking it's toll. I can't sleep tonight even propped up in a mound of pillows so I am almost sitting up like I have of late due to the almost non-stop coughing. Add that to the urinary inconsistence made much worse by coughing. Both of which have been causing bad sleep of late and no sleep so far tonight. I decided to take some Class C cough medicine. After reading up on the details, the only risk would have been in the first tri. I haven't coughed in at least 10 minutes. I hope this works. I'm tired of being tired. And, I'm tired of being sick. And, it's hard to get healthy when your not sleeping well. I probably shouldn't have done it even though there was no listed risk for where I am in my pregnancy, but really....I just couldn't take it...the almost non-stop coughing.

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