Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OB Update, of sorts

I had an OB appointment today. Except for the fact that I didn't see an OB. Apparently, my OB is out until further notice. The other OB got called out to a delivery. And, the new OB only works MWF. There was a message on my home number asking to reschedule, but I already left by then.

The fact that I didn't see an OB today actually really didn't bother me. I'm getting enough monitoring and feeling good that I'm almost 24 weeks by my records (OB is showing me as 24.1), the blood clot is gone, any my cervix is back to a good length. If I hadn't gone in to see the peri for a vaginal cervix measure last week, maybe I would have felt put out or anxious since the nurse/tech could get a good read because Baby A's head was way down there obstructing the view. As it is, I'm more concerned for my OB. She is the type of person that was checked out of the hospital and delivering someone else's baby 12 hours after her own birth for one of her kids. I'm wondering if the strain of being a single mother of 4 not by choice is taking a toll; if it is related to the death of her husband about a year an a half ago; or if the trial for his triggered emotions and depression (note: I don't know for sure there even is/was going to be a trial, but think there was and should be and that if so, it would likely be around now, but it is just me supposing based on nothing); or if there is something seriously wrong with one of her kids. Really and truly, it is none of by business. But, I do care about her and I'm a nosy kind of gal sometimes. I have been saying prayers for her and her family because I know it has to be something big.

I was down 2 lbs from my last visit. My blood pressure was slightly high, although still in range so they had me lay on my left side for a bit and rechecked. It went from 132/84 to 128/60. We did a quick heartbeat check and both babies are alive and very active.

On a whim of sorts, I asked for my chart...the page where they record weight, blood pressure, etc. on a line for each visit. One thing that struck me was that not only am I down 2 lbs from last visit, I'm down 6 lbs from my first visit. Because I was curious, I pulled out my records from my pregnancy with Max and I was up 9 lbs at this point with him and ultimately gained 20 lbs, although also fluctuated 1 - 3 lbs up or down between visits. The other thing I notices is that my blood pressure is over all significantly lower this pregnancy than last. My blood pressure last pregnancy was usually between 120-140/78 - 80. This pregnancy, it has been 120-128/60-70. I find this extremely ironic since my weight is up since my last pregnancy and I'm so less active then before... used to hike every morning for at least an hour until max was about 6 months and my younger dog died of complications from cancer and Shadow just didn't want to do the hikes anymore.

Anyway, all is well and I start every 2 weeks with the OB for now.


QuiltingChaos said...

Wow. It probably doesn't seem fast to you, but 24 weeks... it seems fast to me. I hope Dr. P. is OK...

Jen said...

Oh sweetie I hope your doctor is okay!!!!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!? My sister is pregnant with TWINS!!!! After 3 IVF Cycles it finally worked :) YAY :)