Friday, May 23, 2008

Truth is stranger than fiction

As they say, truth is often stranger than fiction and often you can't even make this stuff up.

I bought a minivan today. It's a white 2007 Town and Country with only 70 miles (80 miles after my test drive and 84 when I pulled in my driveway) fully loaded including leather seats, a navigations system, a DVD system, a sun roof, power everything. It was sold as used because the original dealer went out of business and this dealer bought it at an action. I looked at it last weekend and have been dithering over buying it on and off all week. I got it home, transfered a few things including Max's car seat over to it, tried to set the remote to enter the garage, gave up and moved it in, was trying to figure out how to set the time and the thing just started acting weird and "shut down". I can't start it, couldn't close the window, and most importantly couldn't close the side door. I kid you not.

While I'm trying to figure this out, Max is climbing all over everything and pushing buttons and generally being an nuisance and in the way. I make some comment about getting the car closed up and going inside to which he decides he does not want to go inside (and go night night although I didn't include the night night part, he must have just figured that was the next step in the process) and took off down the street. Like 5 houses away and almost the the main artery in to the neighborhood. Trying to chase him down is a loosing proposition because not only is he much faster than I am it becomes more and more of a game and as you approach he just keeps on trucking away even faster than you can gain. I got him headed back in my direction several times, but he's getting old enough and smart enough that he caught on to my ploys once he got within two houses. What finally got him back to me is that he fell and was crying and wanted kisses. He got me holding his hand in a death grip explaining how what he did was dangerous and I was not happy with all.

I could go on with other examples like how I kept coughing, gagging, and dry heaving and was praying to not vomit or have a UI moment in my brand new/used car, but I'll spare you the minutia and I'm too tired anyway.

However, I will say that even though I have this new used car that won't work, I'm impressed with the dealership. I called the sales guy to tell him about the problem and ask what I was missing and shouldn't I be able to close the side door manually. He was very upset and will be coming to my house in the morning with the lead mechanic to take a look. He would have come out tonight if my car wasn't safely locked in my garage and my preference was to wait until morning. We all agree most likely the problem is the battery, but even so it shouldn't have drained out so fast. Another reason I'm able to remain relatively calm over the situation (not counting the fact that all my energy is going into growing these twins and dealing with my little independent challenging toddler) is that ultimately I ended up purchasing their maximum coverage service that covers pretty much everything except for glass and soft plastics for a $100 deductible per service visit and includes rental car coverage while your car is in the shop. I had actually declined it twice and the person closing the sale (who happened to be an owner of the family owned dealership) ultimately made me a deal I didn't feel I could refuse. I was thinking of it as insurance. If so, who knew it would already start to pay off less than 24 hours after buying the car. I may have just bought a lemon, but at least the repairs will be covered and the dealership is responsive and seem to care that there were issues.

My plan was to keep my other car and have the van be the "kid car" so whoever had the or the nanny...would use it. I had to get a van either way because three car seats will not fit in my car. I have been meaning to talk to Noemi about it and my post twin nanny requirements to see if she was interested, but hadn't yet. So, completely independent of my car plans, her husband bought her a 4 door car that she thinks (but I remain doubtful, but will test it out) will hold 3 car seats in the back. So, both she and I got new cars today in anticipation of the twins arrival without even talking to each other about it. How is that for odd timing? Max loved them both and didn't want to leave either. And, in fact, wanted to spend more time at the dealer to "look at the cars momma" after Noemi dropped my off to get my old car. He was like a kid in a candy store, with the candy having a nice high price tag. He's eyes were just lit up at the sight of all those cars.

Another odd tid bit is the van was actually bought for the sister, but she badly damaged her ankle and is not able to drive for awhile so they decided to sell off the car and get her another one once she has recovered.


calliope said...

that is crazy!
thank goodness someone is able to come fix.

Anonymous said...

We got a mini van just before we had our twins and our toddler was two years old. We tried out many configurations of the car seats and the most convenient one we found was - put both infants in the third row; put the toddler in the second row, passenger seat; take out the other second row seat. Two adults in front. Stroller goes in the way back/hatchback. This way, you have a "hole" of space in the middle of the car for loading in the kids and changing a diaper, etc. I open the door behind the driver's seat and put all three kids in. Toddler climbs to his seat; and I have lots of access to babies in the back seat. It is very difficult to put car seats in and out of the back without removing one of the seats in the second row. Anyhow, I thought I'd pass this on. One of my friends with three kids also did this and it works great for her, too. Nancy in AK