Monday, May 19, 2008

Fine Mommy Moments

This post is brought to you by another fine mommy moment.....

Scene: Max and I are cuddling on my bed this morning. Max having slept almost 12 hours after a late nap on Saturday afternoon (3-5 pm), going to bed late Saturday night (9 pm), and waking up early (5 am). I was dragging, tired, and crabby Sunday, not to mention HOT (over 100 degree weather this weekend) and slept about 9 hours Sunday night. This is a lot of sleep for both of us at any give time/night.

Me: Max, it was so nice to spend the weekend with you. We had a lot of fun swimming in the big pool. I'm sorry I was tired and crabby yesterday. I yelled more than I wanted to.

Max: Your welcome. It made me sad when you closed my door and I was crying and wanted to see my mommy.

Me: I'm sorry you were sad. We need to work out a better way of dealing with it when mommy is tired and needs rest time and you don't want rest time and want to see your mommy.

Sigh. Yes, we had major battles over Max staying in his room during rest time. He was treating it like a game and I was just so tired I needed to rest and lay down a bit. Where as in the past, locking myself in my room worked, he has now realized that great, he can go play and have the rest of the house. The problem is/was that there is no way to close him in his room. The door doesn't hang properly and is too far away from the door jam to latch. So, you can close (or at least you could) the door, but it didn't latch. As such, putting on a childproof knob on the door would never work because you don't need to turn the nob and the dog or anyone else just push on the door to get it to open/come in. So, after an hour of no rest and battling, I got a piece of plywood and hammered it into Max's door frame so that, while the door didn't latch, it closed tight enough Max couldn't open it. Needless to say, he didn't like all. And, even after a good night sleep for both of us, it was still out there. I really don't yell very often because most of the time, I have enough patience to deal, but also it is a completely in effective technique because Max just laughs. Notice, he didn't have any problem with me yelling. Just that he was shut in his room and couldn't get out. But, sometimes, I'm just so tired and he is being a pain and pushing buttons and testing (mostly when he is tired too) when he knows that it will get to me and we get in that bad cycle until we both get more sleep.

And, it is only 9:30 am after a good night sleep and I'm sure I could go sleep some more. It's already hot, but not as hot as this weekend. I think it is going to be a long summer. I don't want to be a tired, crabby mommy all the time. Max and I both deserve better. While I don't like it, we can both whether the one off days here and there like yesterday. I'm just going to have to pull in some reserves I think to make sure it doesn't become a pattern as I move into the final months, weeks, days of this pregnancy that is zapping everything out of me.

It's not as if the entire day was bad. We went to church/Sunday school and since it was the last class for the year made cards and picked flowers for his teachers. We did fun stuff like swam in the pool and played outside. It's just that there sure were some rough patches and both of us were more than ready for bedtime.

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