Saturday, May 24, 2008

All's well that ends well

Looks like the car issue was the battery. I jumped it this morning because I wanted to get to the grocery store early and it was easier to try to jump the car than move Max's car seat. I started right up. Drove it around the neighborhood and back home to shut it off and make sure it would start again, which it did with no problem. Called the sales guy and told him no need to come over and then headed out for groceries. Sales guy called back and asked if I would still bring the car back in because they wanted to check it out. Since we had no other real plans and Max loves cars, screamed the entire way home and then some when we first went and looked at the van, and wanted to stay and look at the cars when I was picking up my old car Friday night, I agreed as this was like an "outing" for Max. :) Max has a grand time playing inside the sales lobby, walking around he cars, openning and closing all the doors, checking out the service customer lounge, and talking to the men in the parts department. I think the only reason he agreed to leave so easily is that he was happy to see and be inside his new car again and his Nana was at home waiting for him.

Everything checked out fine. Moral of the story...never underestimate the drain on a battery an almost 3 year old boy who loves cars and buttons can have while you move car seats and get thing set up.

Max's careers: Today Max told me he was the bus man, the hair cut man, in the orchestra, and a teacher depending on what he was doing and the toys he was playing.

Out with Max: It's always interesting to be out with Max for a variety of reasons. Since he is my one and only, I'm not sure if it is this way with all kids, but where ever we go, people tend to give things to him. Today, he was given a balloon and a lolly poppy (as he insisted on calling mommy, not a lolly, not a lolly pop, a lolly poppy!) at the grocery store by the bagger, a hostess cupcake by the guy filling up the vending machine (after I had told Max he couldn't have anything from it), and a toy sports car by the cashier in service department. You can imagine of the three I was most pleased with the non junk food pure sugar item.

ps. Nancy, thanks for sharing the seat configuration. It was helpful. Without even asking him, Max was certain of which seat he wanted and made sure I was clear on that and put his car seat in accordingly. He had been sitting behind the passenger seat in the old car, but insisted on being behind the driver seat in this car. I was thinking one baby in the other middle and one in the back, but see your logic so will probably go with that. One of the very nice features of this van is the seats store into the floor of the car and easy to put up and down.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked my car seat configuration! My other best piece of advice for parents of new twins who also have older kids is: get an outdoor playyard (a sectioned fence basically; we combined two together and made one huge one) and put it in your living room/main room of the house. It can be used as a huge playpen for the twins. This way, the twins can have lots of baby toys in there and they can play peacefully away from a rambuctious toddler. We didn't put our twins in the play yard all the time, but it was a wonderful refuge for them. (It was amazing how often our two year old "accidently" would knock down a baby brother or take their toys away, etc.) And it was also a great place to put them once they were crawling when I needed a break from following them all over the house when they were at that stage when you have to keep an eagle eye on them. I let them run around the house for a while; then I would put them in the large pen and take a break or empty the dishwasher, etc., and not worry about them getting into trouble. Sometimes I'd put one in the pen and just chase one around the house, too, for a little while. Nancy