Monday, May 05, 2008

Lucky 18

Seat number 18 proved to be just good enough. They filled the jury, including two alternates with seat 17. It was a civil eviction suit where a corporate landlord evicted a tenant. The tenant/defendant was representing himself. And, from what I saw and heard during jury selection, I knew more about the process than he did after my many opportunities of jury duty over the years. While it likely would have been interesting and intertaining, I was really relieved not to have served and to get back to work.

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Laura in L.A. said...

YAAAYYYY, Deb! I am so relieved! I only want you to have to deal with things that are absolutely necessary, and jury duty ain't one of those things right now! I'm sure you've done your patriotic duty many, many times-- the justice system is on its own for awhile! :):) (So now I'll expect a summons-- they LOVE us unlimited-days-gov'ment employees!)

Love, Laura