Thursday, July 17, 2008

Over reacting or vigiliant?

Everyone except me seemed unfazed by this little skin issue. I showed the nurse, who said great, she'd get the doc if I wanted her too, but he would probably be back through since he still had the chart and that I wasn't running a fever and followed hospital procedures and Nora was on nipple feeding and it was time to eat and did I want to feed her. Ah, yeah...

The NICU doc said, hmm, interesting when I showed it to him, that it wouldn't hurt to keep my appointment, and keep it covered and that Ray was getting ready to go home soon. When I asked what soon meant, he said maybe tomorrow, let him look at the chart. The nanny is going on vacation for 10 days as of today and my cousin is going to Vegas for 4 days as of Sunday, I'll just have to laugh at the timing if that's what happens is what I was thinking along with I better go find those car seats in the garage and get some diapers. After looking at the chart, he said not tomorrow, a bit longer. Still a few more apnea's than he wanted to see, but they correspond with when they took him off caffeine and are border line not really requiring treatment. He also ordered a blood test just to rule out infection just in case since Nora's had her share.

I went to my internist who took a look at it. He asked if it had oozed at all, to which I replied no. He asked how long it had been there and I said since this morning. He said not much to culture, but he did it anyway and prescribed an antibacterial cream better than Neosporin, which turned out to be available over the counter. He said, keep it covered. I'm supposed to call on Tuesday to get the results if he doesn't call me before then.

Seeing the therapist about how stressful this all is more of just one more thing to do in a given week. I can't say that I've gotten much out of it other than someone to agree with me that this is all stressful. It will be worth it if I get my work leave extended due to stress, but the disability claims manager is starting to piss me off because she isn't retuning phone calls. Probably, the biggest take away, truth be told, of going is validation that I am handling this all well and have good coping techniques.

The biggest bummer of the day is that I only was able to see the babes for a short time when today is normally my long day. Time will tell whether I over reacted or not, but this point, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I even took some time to go to the CDC web page and bring it up in Spanish for Noemi who is leaving for Guatemala tonight, just in case she developed some weird skin thing. I've seen what an infection can do to one so young with Nora and it was scary, I don't want a repeat and I don't want anyone else to have to go through it. I can live with an over reaction. I'd have a harder time living with either Ray or someone else getting sick.

I'd say I'm tired now, but I started the day tired so I guess I can only say that I'm more tired. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Tired or not, I'm feeling more up for it tonight that I was this morning.

oh, and ps. The latest culture on my breast milk is still pending.


Anonymous said...

OMG Your nanny is going to essentially a 3rd world country and then coming back to your babies? Uhmmmm Maybe you should ask the Dr.s about that. I hope I am overreacting or you have already thought about this as well? Ugh
Hugs Rooth

Cindy said...

Wow, that's crazy. I certainly wouldn't have thought this would be a problem. Really, Debbie, I wouldn't worry about your nanny and her vacation.