Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just waiting....

Things have been mostly routine the last few days...if you can have a routine day with two babes in the NICU. Just checked in with the night nurses. Nora's doing good at 30% oxygen and been sleeping well all night with only one apnea and several dsats. I guess they switched Ray over to a high flow nasal prongs to try to help with this apnea and brady's. I didn't think he was having that many and was told it was all "normal" for his age, but...I guess not. He's on 21% which is regular air oxygen level. I'll try to catch a doc or respiratory therapist tomorrow to ask. I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for the MRSA test results...or at least the rest of them. When I was in yesterday, Nora's nasal swabs came back as positive for MRSA and my left nostril came back as negative. All the rest are still "pending". I asked if the rest had come in when I called a few minutes ago and they hadn't. Another thing to follow up on when I'm in tomorrow. I was very happy to hear that at least one of my tests is negative and still hoping that "it wasn't me".

Max is mostly good. My cousin called me at the hospital yesterday to tell me that Max said he was sick and needed medicine and to go to the doctor and got just a tad defensive when I told her it sounded like he was just repeating the symptoms she has been talking about for herself the last few days and that he talks a lot about going to the doctor (since doctors and hospitals are such a part of our lives right now). The only symptom he hasn't "heard" from others was his eyes hurting and he's been doing a lot of swimming with his eyes open. I headed home early and had her put him for a nap and then took a nap myself when I came home to find him sleeping...good thing too cause I needed that patience as the night got later and later and he still wasn't sleeping. He was just up a bit ago with growing pains and I'm pumping before trying to get a tad more sleep.

Just life in the new normal right now.

Oh, and a quick update on a few things asked in comments...Nora's been on antibiotics for about a week now (would have to go look to see exactly), but she has been feeling better (or at least looking like she has been feeling better) since about 2 days after she started the antibiotics. She's in isolation with her own nurse not because she needs it so much as it is standard protocol to prevent the MRSA from spreading in the hospital or to the other babies. And, can't remember who asked, but I want with Alister for Ray's middle name. It means "defender of man" just like Alexander which is Max's middle name.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are settling down again for the babes. And very glad to hear that they are close to each other again so you can be close to both when you visit!

Just want to let you know that a's and b's for kiddos that gestation ARE totally 'normal' in that they are what we expect...BUT that doesn't mean they don't have to be treated. How many they have varies from baby to baby and so does treatment. Some have so few they don't need anything others so many that they need CPap/SiPap. I am assuming that they are both on caffeine or aminophylline as well? It's pretty much a maturity thing and as they grow the spells will decrease as will the level of support/medication needed.

Hope that helps ease your worry a bit! :)


Laura in L.A. said...

I love to hear that things are "routine!" :):) Am anxiously awaiting the rest of the MRSA results.

Praying for you and the babies and Max and all of your helpful family.

Love, Laura