Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heart attack

I've recovered from the heart attack I had this morning. When I called to see how Ray's night had been, I was told he had been moved back into Room A. He had been in Room C since Sunday morning. I wasn't thinking too clearly after hearing that so didn't ask good questions and it wasn't until later I realized that what I did hear didn't make sense. By the time I got to the hospital, he was back in Room B (but not on the same side of the room as Nora) and his nurse was on break. Even when she came back, it didn't really make sense. Finally, the doc walked into the room and I got the real scoop. Ray got cold and started having A's and B's (Apnea - a pause in breathing and Bradycardia - a slow heart rate). I guess they over compensated and heated his incubator too much which elevated his body tempature. The nurse was concerned he might be getting the infection that Nora had so he was moved to Room A for a blood draw and monitoring. The labs came back fine. He was moved back to Room B just for a bit more monitoring to be sure. He looked and acted fine to me all day and I got to hold him twice. Personally, I think the night nurse over reacted a bit although I'd rather have that safe than sorry/ultra conservative than not.

Nora's on the mend. I got to hold her for almost an hour today. The RT (respiratory therapist) was doing his charting after rounds and let me hold her until he was done. And, he was off to my side and not staring at us the whole time trying to mask inpatients and Nora's nurse went on break after a bit so it was just Nora and I carved out in a little bit of space behind a curtain in Room B and oh, was it so nice. Nora did so well tolerating the breast milk (even better than the formula) that she is up to 24 ml every other session which makes me happy on so many levels. She was a bit anemic so she is getting a blood transfusion today. I have mixed feeling about that. I signed the release back on day 1 and am glad she is getting what she needs, but it is just one more treatment or "extra" that could cause a complication down the road (no matter how unlikely).

What a wild, roller coaster of a ride this NICU experience is. Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks. Not that I'm counting or anything. All three of us are much more stable and settled in at this point.


Laura in L.A. said...

Okay, no fair titling a blog entry "Heart Attack!" :):) Makes me have to rush to scroll to the bottom to make sure everything turned out all right!

Still, I'm really glad that everything turned out all right. I think that the more time Nora and Ray spend with you holding them, the healthier and stronger they get.

Wow, three weeks old tomorrow! :):) Yay!!!

Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

Dear Ray,

Listen little guy, you are not allowed to scare us like that. I know you thought, gee, I was just a little cold and everyone got all upset. But you almost scared us all to death!


QuiltingChaos said...

Bad title! Gave me a heart attack as I was wondering whether one of the twins had had one... Bad Deb (but you're excused because I know you're tired).

Glad you have been holding Nora, finally!!!