Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fine, Fine, Fine

I'm fine. Ray is fine. Nora is fine. Max is fine.

I saw Max's ped, and soon to be Ray and Nora's ped this morning on the way into the hospital. He's such a nice guy and I really like him. Told him about the babes and that he would be seeing more of us very soon. He was thrilled, loved the names, and agreed that Nora sounds "typical" where as Ray has been a super star NICU baby.

I remembered to both brush my teeth and put on earings today before leaving the house.

I'm not really fond of Room E, Nora's new room. It is small. There is only one other baby and one nurse. It's too quiet and too hot. And, it looks like she is probably in that room until she goes home. Drat! Drat! And, double drat! Her nurse today is one we have had before. She's not one that I have really clicked with, but not one that annoys me either. I asked her if the other baby was going to get transfered back to the hospital from which he came and she got a bit snippy with me saying she couldn't discuss other babies with me. This is true technically, but really quiet laughable since there is so much open talk bedside among nurses, docs to nurses, docs to parents, etc. that really everybody knows everybody elses business to a certain extent. I thought it wise not to mention this and said I wasn't really interested or asking about the other baby per se, but trying to find out the odds of another transfer to another room and asked her hypothetically speaking or typically, if a baby is transferred in do they get transfered back. I guess not usually because transport is expensive and babies that young are expected to develop other problems most other hospitals aren't able to handle. :( I also started asking about re culturing Nora for MRSA to see if she is still colonized since a negative on that is the only other way we will get a move out. She said they wouldn't retest if Nora was on antibotics. I'm not sure if she didn't understand that the antibotics Nora is on is for something different or if antibotics in general make a difference. Since I haven't been able to stay late, I've missed doc rounds recently. I'm hoping I catch them tomorrow, but with the two babies being split once again it makes it harder because they could come see Nora when I'm in with Ray and vice versa.

There have been some security breaches in regards to the blog lately, innocent stuff, but most of my IRL family and friends know nothing about this blog and I'd like to keep it that way. I have not told them, nor do I intend to for awhile, if ever some big ticket items that I have and do discuss here and don't want any more of them to get nosy and start looking around. As such, I'm probably going to start referring to the kids by pseudonyms and then go back and edit any post and/or comment that comes up with a search with their names on it. Just wanted to give a warning that the names may change online, but the characters themselves remain the same.

I have the house to myself (other than the sleeping Max, the cat, and the dog of course :) tonight for the first time in awhile and it is very nice I have to say. I was able to indulge in watching several episodes of the new season of ice road truckers while finishing off the shrimp cocktail from the shower that never got put out, and writing thank you's in addition to washing the fabric on Max's car seat, doing a load of towels, and loading the dishwasher. Why yes, I do lead such a riviting and fascinating life as you can tell. Off to label and freeze some momma's milk and clean my pump supplies before turning in (hopefully) a bit early tonight.

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